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Mariano's Lakeshore East

Chicago, IL

(312) 228-1349

Open now

(312) 228-1349

Open now
333 E Benton Pl Chicago, IL, 60601
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  • George Elrod Today

    Shopping at Mariano's frequently, I am constantly able to find the items I need. Fresh vegetables, can goods, pastries, gelato(one of my favorites), and all at a reasonable price.

  • J.A. 19 days ago

    This is not meant to be, "shade", but I would go here over Whole Foods any day. Was in town for long weekend near this Mariano's location. Their food bars are amazing and fresh. Salads, breakfast, dinner. Have a sandwich or pizza made fresh or have your choice of meat grilled at the meat counter area. The bakery is pun intended. Well, maybe. Very clean considering the foot traffic. Could go on but no need to. If you're not a local, they already know, but visiting, just check it out.

  • Erin Mishkin Jr. 28 days ago

    They have a great food bar! Great things for my yearly-2 times a year trip here after Maggie Daley Park.

  • Mary Alexacnder 44 days ago

    I love coming here and getting my quick fix of cold brew coffees or orange juices. They have a good selection of hot foods and they are all so delicious. Staff here is as friendly as it can get and they keep the place clean at all times. Don't forget to take your parking ticket with you (if you parked in the facility) so you can get it validated at check-out. Otherwise you'll have to pay $10! If you buy at least one item then you get your ticket validated by the cashier and your parking is free.

  • Jason Raynard 102 days ago

    The space of varieties to choose! Yet, welcoming sense of smells that carry you toward the path to find such refreshing food to tastes and nibble. Most amazing wide selection of wines and fresh perishable to be desire! Go shop here and you will leave refreshed!

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