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(847) 963-2807

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(847) 963-2807

Closed now
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545 N Hicks Rd Palatine, IL, 60067
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  • Larry Martin 51 days ago

    They ran the over priced Dominick s chain out of business, and they forced all the Jewel stores to get better. The staff here is always friendly, the stores are clean and they always fix mistakes. They keep the lines at the registers moving, and the lot is always clear of carts

  • Edda Tobias 55 days ago

    Bakery really needs a lot of improvement! I have never felt like a valued customer, today while I was in the middle of placing my order I was asked if I would mind waiting while they took care of another customer!!! Why? Because I was not important enough? I could not believe it!!!! Take a class on customer service, for the prices we pay there I should have their undivided attention! Mind you there were 2 or 3 other employee's behind the counter chatting away.

  • Jim Petykowski 114 days ago

    Mariano's is a welcome change from Dominick's and Jewel. They always have fresh produce available. Fresh pizza, sushi, salad bar and gelato are available and very tasty.

  • M Reaves 131 days ago

    Seems like a great store with good selection of groceries, decent organic selection and a great selection of wine and beer. Helpful staff and very clean.

  • Jon Donym 141 days ago

    Two times within a week we had to return food that was over 1 month expired, not mentioning the produce we also bought that went bad within 72 hours. But the third time when we bought ice cream to find it was over 9 months old - I returned box in hand and asked to speak with manager on duty. Few minutes later a man approached me from behind and said 'whats up' to my Mom and I. That's how you talk to customers? Okay, I guess....I explain the situation and he takes the box from my hand and just gives me the most blank empty stare you could imagine. You honestly would think I was explaining my situation to a scarecrow! I was met with "so, what is it that you want? A gift card or something? We usually don't do those, and that is not even our product anyway. But I will let the vendor know." Unbelievable, not even laughable at best. Funny enough I was met in the parking lot by a few customers who recorded the whole incident and told me they would not be returning to the store either after that. The punch line to all of this? I was in a rush to work and was forced to stop in here to get some things and passing by the ice cream I found THERE WERE STILL 6+ EXPIRED BOXES STILL SITTING ON THE SHELF!!!

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