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Mariano's Elmhurst

Elmhurst, IL

(630) 782-0017

Open now

(630) 782-0017

Open now
678 N York St Elmhurst, IL, 60126
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  • Annette Helegda 30 days ago

    This store is great other than the deli service. Absolutely the slowest service!! Whenever there are many people waiting, the workers are having their own conversations making people wait around.

  • Jean Pedroza 37 days ago

    The management at this store is just incompetent ; Sanitation should pay a visit . Finding a hair is one thing but finding it embedded as baked in the croissant and having a customer find it while pulling it out of their mouths during a office meeting is just out of the question. I sent for a few items for a office meeting and this is the highlight of conversation. The worse part is I sent it back to see if they would have any remorse apologize for the whole situation and try to accommodate with a possible gesture of good faith to maintain a person happy to come back, But No the manager gives the croissant back and says come back tomorrow , the regional manager will be here . I don,t care whose going to be there your job is to try to keep customers coming back and happy with your products , as manager its your responsibility to handle situations like this not just push it on , your nit fit for your responsibilities the word incompetent fits just fine .

  • CentaurianRBLX 41 days ago

    One star too many. Hate this store!! I’ve shopped there only for convenience. EVERY single time I swear I’ll never shop there again!!! The cashiers are just done right rude! Every single time! What is wrong with the management at this store that they can not train their employees to be kind to the customers??????? The management should be fired they obviously could care less how the customers are treated at this location. With several other choices within a 5 mile radius I will chose a different, friendlier grocery store to shop at !

  • James Jackson 58 days ago

    I've given this store 5 stars before I usually get great service. Today I went in and my cashier was Eve. I was in line and saw her greet everyone with a hello and a have a nice day. When it was my turn in line the only thing she said was do you want a bag for your orange juice? So I didn't get the same greeting everyone else got because of the color of my skin? My family and I will not return to this franchise and trust me I will pass the word around.

  • Bogdan Stepniak 75 days ago

    Salat bar, hot bar, alcohol bar like them all. Always have a hard time what to choose. The only problem is with people. Too many of them and they don't walk on the right side. Put some arrows on the floor. There's also nice section for a good smoke, outside of course. Happy shopping.

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