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Mariano's Bridgeport

Chicago, IL

(773) 247-2633

Open now

(773) 247-2633

Open now
3145 S Ashland Ave Chicago, IL, 60608
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  • Mike Rodriguez Today

    Lackluster experience at best... from the employees that look at you like you're crazy when you ask for help, the failure to remove old sale tags from shelves (found one that expired 3/18/18), teenage cashiers that need to be told to handle fragile items carefully (no, I don't want my eggs at the bottom of the bag with heavier items on top) and forget about using the bathrooms (disgusting)... For the additional money spent here vs other local grocery stores, I expect better; This store is the closest to me, but I'll travel further to another store for a better experience next time. 👎👎👎

  • Carlos Alvizo 4 days ago

    Great place to shop just it takes to long for me to get help when ordering ice cream or if I want something cooked

  • Elsa Portillo 34 days ago

    WORST MARIANO's I have ever been to. The whole experience was less than par. I stood around waiting for someone at the gelato counter and even though there were three employees behind the counter not one bothered to come over. There was no one around to ask where items were either. I usually never run into this issue at a Mariano's. In addition, this was the worst because the employees were less than happy or welcoming. In any other Mariano's everyone is so present and helpful and happy. At this location, when there was anyone around they ignored you or acted like it was a bother to check you out. Lastly, the items rung up wrong and I was so bothered by the lack of service that I went to return everything and EVEN that was beyond painful. The person could not just scan everything and get it done. She took forever and was confused repeatedly when the total wasn't matching up and had to ask for help and that person wasn't sure what was going on either. Then, when the refund was finally done, I noticed that the return total was still incorrect. I went back again and she gave me the difference in change since she obviously wouldn't be able to get it right. To end this HORRIBLE experience, they never refunded me and I am currently on hold for 13 minutes and counting to try and reach someone to refund me my money. ABSOLUTELY WORST AND MOST RIDICULOUS store. I will NEVER be back. I will go to my old neighborhood's store over this piece of $@#%$#. UPDATE- I spent 30 min on the phone waiting for corporate. In the meantime I called the store directly. The manager I spoke with was just aas bad as the employees I just outlined above and he had the audacity to suggest that they could only straighten out the issue if I came into the store. Well, I told him that that was not possible since I live more than 3 hours away. He continued to not listen and talk and talk and not let me talk til I had to demand that I wanted to speak to the regional manager. Then John came on the phone. He nicely asked that I give him a chance to solve the issue since he was the overall store manager. His calm and inviting tone and demeanor had me giving him the chance to rectify the issue and as of now he is working on doing just that. He is having someone reach out to their accounting department to ensure I am refunded accordingly and also is sending out a gift card. I still will see how this plays out but John and Trish seem to know what customer service is about. The others there including whatever manager I spoke with first need some more in-depth training.

  • Sky Ambler 144 days ago

    I really love Mariano's and the selections that they have. Their prices are trickily high or low, you have to come here with a microscope to find good deals. They have some unique items that are so delicious, particularly in the bakery area. The deli definitely needs more work, it doesn't appear as clean as some of the other Mariano's delis. I had potato salad and was sick. The hot bar is interesting, but severely lacks vegetarian hot dishes, it is replete with animal products....chicken, pork, beef. The employees are not at all friendly, I have to always salute them to get a response back, it should really be the other way. I am doing them a favor by buying there.

  • Stephanie Ciupka 168 days ago

    Great selection of groceries, good prices. But I've had multiple bad experiences with the sandwich counter. Employees take a very long time and don't seem to know what they're doing. Last time, it took no less than three employees to figure out how to make it. And then one of them had what I think was mayo on her gloves already, and just wiped them off on the paper on the counter, which was really gross. I love the idea of having ready-to-eat food, sandwiches, etc.--it could be really convenient--but not when I walk away feeling like I just caused someone a massive inconvenience.

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