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Maple Grove Community Center

Maple Grove, MN

(763) 494-6500

Open now
12951 Weaver Lake Rd Maple Grove, MN, 55369
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  • Jonathan Gerster 39 days ago

    Big community center. Great for kids. Pool is pretty good but not very big. The lap pool is great. You can get a little lost in the place though and if you lose a child, there isn't an intercom to find them.

  • Randall Purcell 72 days ago

    The indoor play structure is definitely worth the fee. We haven't been in the pool yet, but we are likely going to buy a membership so that the children can use the slides. It looks very fun. I have noticed a little bit of overprotectiveness in some of the areas from parents, but that certainly isn't the community center's fault. I did drop one star because there is not sufficient parking for how popular a place it is.

  • Nicole Doncaster 86 days ago

    We went to the maze(indoor playground) there was a group of 4 adults inside of the actual playground designed for children. They were using extremely vulgar language and acting crazy jumping up and down(they were all very overweight and mentally handicapped adults) 2 men and 2 women. Anything could have happened in there with how they were acting, not only is there the risk of them squishing a small child, they could molest children, teach them bad language and scar them for life. I cannot believe the staff didn’t kick them out. I was so glad that I was there to protect my children. We instantly told staff and the front desk women thanked us. Other parents complained too. Instead of kicking out the swearing adults they were asked to pay MONEY to play in the maze... How is that logical? It’s okay for them to be in there swearing and scaring children as long as they pay money to do it? Sick!! They declined payment and sat on the benches swearing and harassing children inside of the maze. They were not asked to leave. Pretty much all of the parents immediately left the maze seeing that the staff was going to allow the harmful adults to stay. The staff doesn’t care about children’s safety and vulnerability. They just want to make money. Disturbing. We had another expierence where an older adult male was harassing other people children in the maze, screaming at them for looking at his daughter or attempting to play with her.. We also complained about this and nothing was done. Don’t waste your money. We wasted $400 on a membership for this stupid unsafe place. Who know what could happen to your kids in that environment.

  • Laurie Bovee' 91 days ago

    One of our favorite places to go! Multiple pools, indoor and out, make it year round fun! The main indoor pool has a zero depth entry, for little children, like a beach...with water effects the children can control. Wonderful fenced outdoor area with lazy river, where parents can just lay out while the children play. There's a large indoor tube maze play area as well and separate rooms available for parties. Love it!

  • Rachel Vadnais 96 days ago

    Great activities for family, groups and individuals here. The pool is great and is indoor and outdoor. Play center is neat for little kids, teen center is nice, hockey rink is awesome. There is also a basketball ball court. Lots of space for parking.

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