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Manny Cantor Center

New York, NY

(646) 395-4280

Closed now

(646) 395-4280

Closed now
197 E Broadway New York, NY, 10002
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  • Ez Lin 35 days ago

    In the earlier morning the men sit on the front desk, I don’t why he can’t greeting to Chinese. When he sees Americans he will say good morning to them. Every time I saw him he did that. Is this call discrimination? Not only Chinese’s can’t speak English. Some of Chinese greeting to him. he doesn’t care and just playing his phone

  • BTB REVIEWS 51 days ago

    This gym is ran so poorly!! They hardly ever open on time, the operation of this facility is a joke. When public schools are closed they are closed except for summer. I tried canceling several time and head management ignore my calls, never returned. I then went to suspend my account in person, filling out a form. I was told I will be charged only $10 monthly. Next month comes and I’m charges full membership dues. I went in person to find out why, they said they lost the paper!! Lol. I then said just give me the cancellation papers, I no longer want anything to do with this gym. Still waiting for the $58 refund. Please be aware! They are facing financial problems and will do anything to take your money!!!

  • Ashley Alequin 141 days ago

    All of the items in my locker were stolen. My jacket, wallet, sweater and scarf. The locker next to mine was also robbed of a jacket, sweater and book bag.

  • Linda Griggs 288 days ago

    Very clean. Excellent equipment and plenty of it. Great Bangara dance classes with fun energy and good breakdown of steps. Beautiful sun filled room for sunrise yoga. All yoga classes are a joy. (Lost a star when they discontinued the exceptional African dance class by Annie.)

  • Jay Rosario 335 days ago

    Good neighborhood gym for a nice price.. staff is really helpful And friendly. you can usually get a machine here without any wait. They offer group classes and indoor basketball, you can't really go wrong here for the price

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