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Make-Up Designory

New York, NY
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15th floor, 65 Broadway New York, NY, 10006
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  • Tatiana Nefedova 32 days ago

    This school was very expensive , make up and brushes they made you buy is not good and I didn’t even learn how to do my own make up well ;( lots of time and money , no result ... everyone who already came to the class with skills did great , i came to learn , but left without the real skill :(

  • kate Mei 79 days ago

    Most of the staff are really helpful, they answer your questions and emails very quickly. However if you don’t have any retail experience it can be difficult to find a job. This school is very expensive but the education is good. All the teachers have their own way of applying makeup and teaching. Their makeup products however are extremely cheaply made and kind of just sit on top of your face, they’re also extremely irritating. The eyeshadows and powder makeup are not highly pigmented and cannot be used for professional shoots/ work. You will most likely need to buy an entire brand new kit costing 2-3 thousand, as you know foundations can cost $30-50 per shade and expire in about 1 year. If you want to work in a retail space you should get a few years of retail experience. If you want to do bridal makeup or work for a company then I suggest working on your portfolio to showcase your talents. They do offer free photo shoots for you work, ask the staff which days they host this shoots. Only go to this school if you’re 100% sure that this is what you want to pursue as a career. I know YouTube and Instagram make this career so glamorous but they don’t show you the hard work and dedication it takes to get to where you want to be. If you’re very shy and not a people person then I would suggest a different career path and for you to save your money. If you want to do freelance work then you’re going to have to travel and carry your kit around it can be quite heavy and hard to navigate around the city, if you drive then this shouldn’t be a problem. I also suggest attending a licensing program first such as esthiology or cosmetology. These programs contain some Makeup training and places will be more inclined to hire you if you’re licensed.

  • Rivkah Wolf 167 days ago

    School is more expensive then it should be-can get the same training for half the price at various locations in the city. The make up is also really low quality. No one in my class used school products if they could help it-choosing to bring their own supplies instead (mind you, you are required to buy hundreds of dollars of MUD brand anyways.) But that's not my real problem with the school. The biggest issue is the absolute lack of professionalism in the staff. (And I'd like to clarify I speak of the administration, not the teachers themselves.) My class was full of "mean girl" high school drama, which I was unwilling pulled into. The administrators saw fit to get involved and were worse then the students in listing to rumors and spreading gossip. I finished my beauty class and dropped out of the rest of the course. It was all so laughable, I went and finished my training via internship in Florida for a sixth of the cost, and threw all their make up in the trash. This "school" is a joke and doesn't deserve anyone who is serious about their career. I won't even put my time there on my resume- it's an embarrassment in the field.

  • Polona Kopač 334 days ago

    I love this school. They are the best!

  • Jazmyn Edmonds 988 days ago

    If you want to learn technique...have the opportunity to work with ONLY the top modeling agencies and models throughout NYC then this school is definitely for you. MUD really cares about the success of its students and there are incredible resources provided especially career services ! The only thing I must say is the financial aid office was always clueless in nyc and California is who you have to call. Christy Gregory in California is extremely helpful ! And Marissa Green from career services is constantly looking out for the success of students and alumni. However...i think the classes are way too short. You learn alot especially routine and how to rep yourself as a pro MUA but we don't get to learn creative eyeshadow techniques...we learn the rules of makeup. I wish this school allowed more creativity and taught more creativity. Honestly i didnt even learn technique until I got into Beauty 301 and that was because I stayed after school w my instructor and through all the celebrity makeup artists who would sub. Well all in all...if you want to grow in either special fx or in beauty mua then this school is for you 100%. However if you are more creative i.e interested in Drag or just out of the box makeup....i'd review my options. There are schools in the UK that produce top tier artists creatively and technique wise. Either way can't say really anything bad about MUD. If they extended the program...sure itd be longer and more money but def to the makeup artists benefit !

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