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(212) 724-8101

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200 Columbus Ave New York, NY, 10023
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  • Hamlet Cabrera 5 days ago

    Amazing! The place is comfy and the guys are very kind. I love the Mini Cinnamon Sugar

  • dou zhen 47 days ago

    As a food lover I live for finding that ultimate level of boundless gastronomy. Very few restaurants dare break the chains of tradition, and far fewer can achieve it without pricing themselves out of the range of the masses. The high cost of great food is of course understandable--far more time must be invested in researching recipes, and of course many more chefs would be required to execute the intricate steps involved. But then one restaurant finally materialized to break all those rules... There really isn't a single aspect of State Bird Provisions that is standard or traditional, for better or worse. Look around and you'll see furniture made out of unpainted plywood, walls decorated with drilled mounting boards, and dark paintings of buildings being pummeled by storms. And of course, the most stand-out feature would be that food is being served Cantonese dim-sum style, on push-carts, though instead of older cranky Chinese women they are being pushed by bearded hipsters complete with plaid shirts. And then there's the food--obviously American, yet drawing heavily on Asian influences. Sure, we've all had American-Asian fusion before. That's not new. But the degree to which the basic identifiable components of either culture are played, dissected, and reconstituted is truly remarkable. They try so hard to do something with everything, down to every single material ingredient. And there lies the rub...

  • Ian Haberman 55 days ago

    Looking for amazing cupcakes? Look no further. Magnolia has amazing sweets and espresso drinks. This location also has some seating options. Staff is always friendly and ready to assist.

  • Kevina Williamsg 55 days ago

    What a great find as I was strolling down Columbus Ave- full of fun shops and eateries. This is a charming flash from the past! Homey bakery with delicious assortment of cookies, macaroni, chocolates even Florentine, croissants, and the most delicious pies. It's not often you find home baked cherry pies made with fresh cherries! Could not resist and ordered a slice with coffee. It was outstanding!A very homey casual place with a few tables. Service is also very friendly!

  • Jennifer Berkowitz 105 days ago

    I definitely prefer this location over the one on 6th Avenue and thankfully this one is closer to me. I would give them 5 stars if they made their red velvet cupcakes with a traditional cream cheese icing, but they make it with a whipped cream icing which I don't like. But their awesome banana pudding makes up for this significant oversight.

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