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Magnolia Bakery

New York, NY

(212) 724-8101

Open now
200 Columbus Ave New York, NY, 10023
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  • New Beginings Today

    Awesome place. I went there with my mother in-law. The environment was great. The server not so much. she had an additude. Which could of made customers walk out. that's how sour her additude was. but momma in-law wanted her banana pudding.

  • Phildah Chasi 15 days ago

    OH MY LORD! If I could give this place 10 stars I would. I had THE best banana pudding ever. I will be returning on my next trip. My friends got different things and they all raved about how tasty it was. Please go to this heavenly place

  • Timothy Stevens 28 days ago

    This place has lovely desserts (the cupcakes aren’t what they once were, now smaller, less butter laden, and a little factory-like taste), but the cashier this evening was sullen, indifferent, and unable to look at you though out the exchange of money. I walked away feeling like I won’t come back; there are so many other places to have a couple of coffees and desserts for $20. The staff really makes you feel like they would rather be anyplace but here and that you should just throw your money over the counter and scram as fast as possible. Too bad.

  • Elle Song 39 days ago

    I find myself day dreaming about the desserts here. I've had the cupcakes and banana pudding. Both are excellent. Cupcakes had great texture and perfect icing to cake ratio. The wait can be long if you come on the weekends and the seating can be limited. To avoid that, I usually come weekday afternoons or evenings. Staff is always friendly and the bathrooms are clean. I highly recommend you try it, even if it is just to pretend like you're Miranda and Carrie in that one specific scene on Sex and the City.

  • Megan Arazi 63 days ago

    Delicious cupcakes and cakes, as always. The bakery cafe is a welcoming environment, and the staff are very nice. For any parents, caregivers, guardians, and disabled out there: it can be somewhat difficult with a stroller. The space inside is limited, which is not a surprise because their original location downtown was very small. More importantly, getting into the bakery cafe can be difficult. There are two steps to enter. Though there is a separate entrance/exit with a ramp, they keep it locked to the outside! I'm sure you could get someone to unlock the door, but what a hassle!

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