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Madison Theater

Albany, NY
1036 Madison Ave Albany, NY, 12208
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  • Kate Glenn 98 days ago

    This theater is great. Perfect place to see selected classics on the big screen. I love that they have some recent releases as well in case you missed them in other theaters.

  • Melissa B 114 days ago

    This nostalgic, older theater that has a lot of unique features. The theaters themselves are divided into a left and right side, so there is no true center seat. That is the first thing you need to get over. Left-lookers need to sit to the right and right-lookers need to sit to the left. If you have an OCD or strong preference to sit in the center/middle -- that's not possible here. The concession stand has many of the regular choices for candy and popcorn. However, there is a hallway that connects to the healthy café next door where you can get many different choices for coffee, sweets, ready-made sandwiches, ice cream, nuts, and vegan selections. I was able to get a coffee for my mom, a sandwich for my husband who didn't want anything from the concession stand, and a vegan brownie for my allergy child. This was a very unexpected but pleasant surprise. The rest of our crew raided the concession for multiple bags of popcorn and candy that were not nearly as outrageously expensive as the bigger theaters in the area. Overall, it was an excellent birthday movie outing for my son and our first experience with a real movie theater for my little one. The fact that it wasn't very busy and was small -- made it very family friendly.

  • Kevin Kelter 151 days ago

    A very nice historic theatre that is located in a convenient spot. Inexpensive and enjoyable. I've found a few of the seats are well worn.

  • Claire Montgomery 299 days ago

    I love the selections of movies they show here. Usually one old or classic film, a couple of indie films and maybe a kids movie are showing each week. I also like that you can go and get a $5 ticket any day of the week. They also do $0.35 shows and those are cool too, I believe those are on weekends for a matinee.

  • Jacob Schmiel 315 days ago

    Great local theater with great ticket prices. I have seen many great throw backs and just released movies here. Try the popcorn with coconut oil!

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