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4 Pennsylvania Plaza New York, NY, 10001
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  • Trevor Ludlam Today

    I keep flip flopping over my opinions about this place so I'll just break it down between a list of the positives and negatives. Also I should mention this experience was based on a concert and not a sporting event. The Positives: * The acoustics from the 200s seats were great. I could hear clearly hear the singer's stage banter in between songs. * We were able to quickly find our seats without the aid of a search party. * Drinks from the bar came in cute little cups with lids. Perfect for when you're trying to get back to your seat without spilling half of your drink in the process. Why's this not a thing at other venues?? The Negatives: * The staff and security are *extremely* aggressive. Seriously... they need to take it down a notch. * Crowd control is virtually not existent. After a sold out concert they shut off all escalators and let everyone fend for themselves when leaving the building. Perfect for when you are handicapped and have to walk down 5 flights of stairs. * The audience was awful. Maybe this has nothing to do with the venue itself but they were the worst. One girl had music earplugs in while she leaned on her sugar daddy's shoulder with her eyes closed. Who pays $200+ a ticket to listen to your iphone and doze off?? Another group of drunks were yelling at everyone to sit down... at a rock concert.

  • Felipe Alexandre 1 day ago

    I went to MSG to watch a Knicks game recently. The facility is clean and modern. I hadn't been to MSG since I was a kid and was really impressed by how it currently looks. I sat in section 203 - great unobstructed view.

  • Ashley Nicole 10 days ago

    Such a great big stadium! The staff here is amazing and friendly. You would think some might have been a bit annoyed or put off by the 4th night in a row of of a ton of rowdy party goers for the concert on New Years Eve - nope! Everyone I had contact with was super friendly, nice, joked around & talked with us. The food is good. The hallways & bathrooms were kept so clean throughout the night, I was amazed! I usually hate going to the bathrooms at concerts because they get so dirty, so quickly and are not kept up - but not at this place! I've been here a few times for concerts & other things, but I just had to leave a review after the great New Years Eve experience I had 😁

  • Diane Price 10 days ago

    Always love the garden. Prices are sometimes reasonable. Best to get tickets directly from the box office. It saves $11/ticket. Plus you get to coordinate your seats better. Only grip is the WSOF on 12/31/16 was in the theater toward the front center of the building. I never been in this particular area before. However this area didn't have food. Only drinks, chips, candy and pretzels. No burgers, fries or chicken. I starved until the event was over and made a mad dash to hooters across the street from the garden.

  • Michelle Szum 18 days ago

    We travelled from the UK to see Billy Joel as my husband is a life long fan and seeing him at Madison Square Garden was a dream come true for him. What a fantastic experience we had! The venue is outstanding, but more than that, the staff made our experience one to remember. the stewards on duty are a credit to the venue. Polite and friendly and completely customer focused - our venues in the UK could learn a lot from them! One gentleman in particular who was stationed on the right hand side of Section F was amazing. He was not a young gentleman, and had a bad limp but was rocking and rolling will all of us, and entertained the crowds with his Rudolph nose and comedy spectacles. I hope that you can pass our best wishes on to him. Well done to all of you, we will remember our night for a long time to come. Michelle and Steve, Birmingham, UK

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