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Loyola Marymount University

Los Angeles, CA
1 Loyola Marymount University Dr Los Angeles, CA, 90045
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  • Jabbar Thomas 18 days ago

    As a graduate of LMU's School of Film and TV (graduate division, c/o 2001), I have nothing but GREAT things to say about this esteemed and historical school.

  • Daniel Sichmeller 160 days ago

    To be honest, for the money this place is a little trashy. Just talking facilities but they have had an escalator that has been broken for about 6 months. Strip mall would have had it fixed quicker.

  • Joseph Condé 160 days ago

    I love coming to LMU's library and the cultural events they organize for the public.

  • Augustine Kalemeera 220 days ago

    I greatly enjoyed my two years in graduate school @ LMU! Dr. Michael O'Sullivan was a wonderful academic adviser.

  • Navapol A. 395 days ago

    7 Years ago, I went to this school for the graduate program of Film production. I had a trouble adjustment and was being kicked out of the school due to "the disturbing the fellow students" when I was just a simply foreigner with a disability and had to learn my place as being minority. The faculty did not try to help me. They did not even want to try to understand me. In fact, Head of Product Admin-Film and Television did nothing and was the one who reported me to the school. Prior to that I tried to ask him for advises since he was the one that everybody referred me to speak to about advising, he was so pretentious and told me that I should have learn about the brutal of film industry. He handed the the sheet that labeled the cost of each films to make each class and walked off like I was a stupid foreigner. AGAIN, this is a university not the TMZ or Harvey Levin's show to insult students from different background. I was insulted and kicked out because the school of radio, film and television did not know how deal with the disability or foreign student. As the result of going to a semester at Loyola and experience psychologically traumatic event, I almost killed myself three times due to my psychological trauma. I think people should know.

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