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New York, NY
50 Avenue B New York, NY, 10009
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  • Nicky A 391 days ago

    Hali is awesome. Knows her cocktails and is good company. Order spirits, she knows her stuff! Allen’s cool too.

  • Tiburon Hernandez 417 days ago

    I don't recommend this place. On January 27th, 2018 my friend was hosting a show. As I walked in there was a man demanding that I purchase a drink before I go downstairs to watch the show. I am aware that any club or lounge needs to make money, but this person made me and others feel uncomfortable. There are ways to kindly ask to purchase a drink. It turns out that night over 40 people were made uncomfortable and left. Lovecraft you lost a few hundred dollars. DON'T GO TO THIS SPOT.

  • C.C. Fariello 428 days ago

    Great food and great live shows. It's a place of choice. The drinks are also really good, the bar tenders are very capable to deliver what you want even when it's not on their menu. Also... absinthe drinks.

  • Katalena Mermelstein-Knox 452 days ago

    Just wish their prices were better. You're paying for the atmosphere, sure, but a tad too much. Their aged and flavored whisky is nothing special, and is much cooler in concept than practice. Two downstairs are rooms are great, but I love the back room (straight from the staircase and then to the left) much more than the room on the right.

  • Suany Canarte 597 days ago

    Nice place with great aesthetics and good food. The music kind of killed the atmosphere/mood. It was just modern pop music. Even some moody instrumentals would have really added to the vibes of this place.

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