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600 Terminal Dr Louisville, KY, 40209
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  • Lucas V 10 days ago

    Good service for this smaller airport. LOVE the Starbucks in here. Despite the ongoing construction here as of DEC 2016, there is still plenty of room to maneuver. The airport is well laid out and run pretty well, too. Very little delay in TSA checks, baggage claim, ticketing, and gate services.

  • Dominic Gladhill 13 days ago

    I love flying out from Louisville! The TSA Security was fast for us when we flew down to Houston last month! Louisville is the best airport to fly out and it's a little close to where I live at!

  • Alex Hunnicutt 22 days ago

    I love this little airport. I appreciate it most when arriving back after traveling to much larger airports. Security usually moves pretty quickly so you don't have to arrive super early. Baggage claim always seems to take forever, but that's the only downside.

  • Nina Edwards 32 days ago

    Invest in power outlets it's 2016 , I travel often and this the ONLY airport I've come across that doesn't have power outlets. Even the planes have outlets Louisville do better. Come on I was so shocked I couldn't find an outlet like what kind of airport is this?

  • Jade Phoenix 69 days ago

    Sensible layout. Comfortable waiting area seating. Beautiful views of the sunrise and sunset. There are delicious vegan friendly snacks and drinks. My only complaint is that each time I've come through this airport, my flight has been SEVERELY delayed (flying United)... which was a huge problem for me because I was flying internationally with multiple flight connections and each time I ended up missing my flights and having to reschedule and lengthen my travel time.

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