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1201 S Figueroa St Los Angeles, CA, 90015
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  • Darren Alcantar 1 day ago

    Came here for the LA Art Show premiere party! Beautiful place, but restrooms are a little outdated, navigation is easy with letters on the walls to pinpoint location.

  • Mike Green 44 days ago

    Huge space with decent free parking in the area if you are willing to walk for around 10 min

  • Geoffrey Sparrow 55 days ago

    Place is a mad house and one would assume that after so many years of hosting conventions they'd know how to handle large crowds and particularly how to allow those who need to drop off people the ability to. The biggest problem in my view is that you have different people with different companies calling the shots around the convention center and it just creates chaos. You're best off avoiding driving here walk, train, and bus if you can because for a city that supposedly loves cars this convention center does not and nor do their staff.

  • Willy Montoya 72 days ago

    Parking of course in the area is incredibly scarce and expensive so I recommend public transportation which in my case was the Silver Line Metro Bus which is always full of less than colorful people but you save a lot of money versus paying for parking in crowded lots or hyper expensive parking at the actual Convention Center. The inside of the Convention Center itself could use a major upgrade especially the bathrooms. Holy Cow! They could use an upgrade. I came here for the L.A. Comicon in late October 2 years in a row and this place has plenty of room to accommodate this attraction, I"ll definitely be back next year for another Comicon just be weary of the incredibly expensive food accommodations inside the venue they are mediocre. Venture outside of the venue and you will find way better eating establishments a few blocks distance and get way more value for your money.

  • Larry Alvarado 117 days ago

    Good parking, good event space, clean, accessible, wide walking lanes. I attended an Echo expo. Lots of good products and services

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