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  • Mitchell West 35 days ago

    I called the police because my roommate broke my table in a childish fit. So the police came and got all the info, then they made contact with the roommate. After talking to both of us, they came back saying they could charge me with "harassment" for waking up, an already awake roommate. Even though there is no physical evidence other than a biased party's word on the matter. So they did not solve anything, but only threatened to charge both of us. And in doing so they would be putting me on a "black list" of renting in Longmont. So I called them to help me and they just threatened to do more to me. So I have a broken table with a violent roommate, and he gets away with being a violent individual in my house. Thanks a bunch.

  • Steve Lucero 91 days ago

    I have lived in this town since I was 6 years old I grow up on the Eastside of Longmont. I know of two officers that would come by and check on me 2 or 3 times a week. Not cause I was a bad kid ( did get in a little trouble once or twice) but they cared which was great. Still to this day I have never ran into a bad cop. I may have ran into a cop or two that don't want to do their job or even hate there job. But let's be honest have I lived every job I have had hell no. You think you are going to love it, but then you start doing and realize you hate it . That does not make you a bad cop Thanks for all the work you guys do.

  • Nick G 92 days ago

    Longmont police is a job! . that being said, there's no bad cops, just bad people. I have no problem with them. But because of a bad person in uniform, i now cannot go back to my OWN house, my kids, and my wife who i miss very dearlly and who misses me . i am now living on the street in longmont because i have no family or place to go. I go to work every day to pay my bills so my family can continue to live happily in our home. I MISS MY FAMILY!

  • Norman Jalbert 94 days ago

    Mike Marquardt is a great officer. Pulled me over last night very professional I live in Longmont and appreciate our law enforcement not only doing there job in a professional manner but also doing there best to keep drunk driving late at night out of our town.

  • lilgirl Peaches 147 days ago

    I called on regard of an overdose, the police prodeeded on to snoop through the apartment ,digging through belongings, money came out missing . They took property as "evidence" and have yet to return it after 4 or 5 calls with detailed information(messeges.) I have little faith and respect for this department. Not to say all the cops are bad but many of them continue to abuse their authority.Their main focus is to victimize innocent people with false alligations and get them in trouble instead of being a helping hand to serve and protect the community. This is why people don't call the police in a time of malice or crisis anymore because you victimize innocent people. Just a bunch of picked on kids from high school seeking vengeance and false authority. What a joke. The police are just as guilty as any other criminal. It's all about the money and status isn't it? I'd get more help from a homeless man than such pathetic excuses of authority.

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