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Lizard Lounge

Dallas, TX
2424 Swiss Ave Dallas, TX, 75204
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  • Mariah Vincent 56 days ago

    Best vape and smoke shop in town with high quality products. Very friendly and helpful staff!

  • Nick Capulli 78 days ago

    Fun place. Food/drinks are way overpriced but that is to be expected.

  • J Kevin Wilkinson 85 days ago

    I've been coming here for a couple of decades and know Don Nedler and the staff very well. They have a great promotion agent that's jacked in like Flynn with all the major Dj acts across the globe. I thought they shut the doors for good earlier this yr. I could be wrong.

  • Jon Gronholz 204 days ago

    I went here for 20 of their 25 years... You will be sorely missed. 😢

  • Margaret Thompson (Maggie) 320 days ago

    We are from out of state and have only been to this venue once. I’ve been to many different music venues. This venue was very quaint in a good way. I must say the line moved rather quickly. There were no problems with dress code and the security did their jobs. No problems as read in the other reviews posted. If you go to a venue acting like a clown, expect to be addressed as such. Security is hired to keep both performers and attendees safe. I although am only speaking based on my personal experience. With that said, we would definitely return for another event! The acoustics were good but the bass could have been a little better. I’m not sure if they have their own sound or if artists bring their own sound set up. Side note: their beer was overpriced and they give you the glass bottle which is a safety concern.

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