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Lizard Lounge

Dallas, TX

(214) 826-4768

Closed now
2424 Swiss Ave Dallas, TX, 75204
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  • Shani Jackson 22 days ago

    I absolutely love lizard lounge. Best resident djs. Great sound system! Upper patio is great in the summer. Not a fan of the VIP prices, but if you want to have room to dance during packed shows then it is the only way to go. This venue has so many good artist perform there. This is the only place to go for the best dance floor and music selection.

  • Wesley Sagram 25 days ago

    Worst venue I've ever been to. Your bar tenders are okay (even if drinks are over priced), but the front staff (or whomever let's you in) is flat out rude, and condescending. Ruined the entire event with there unpleasant attitude. Would definitely be a great venue if their front staff was better. Alas they are trash as long as that horrible person works somewhere other than Macdonalds.

  • John Big 25 days ago

    Bad location, bad staff, and bad experience. Made this anon, but your staff is just the worst. You need to get rid of that bouncer. He is the absolute worst I've ever met. Not only is he blatantly ignorant, he's incredibly rude and an absolute turn off to you venue. I will never return to your venue, and that's a shame, because you have excellent artists come to your place. Reform your staff and get better.

  • Brea k 34 days ago

    Very expensive to get in. I went on a Saturday night and we were charged $35 a piece to get in on the bottom floor and it was $50 to party on the top floor. The drinks are definitely overpriced. It's mostly a very young crowd on the bottom floor. The dress code was very causal. Not many people dressed up at all.

  • Jade M. 132 days ago

    Could have been better. Gets poppin after 12. Very pricey. They mark you if you're 21. $20 for 18-20. $15 for 21 and up. Free for women. Top floor is 21 and up only. People are friendly/social. Bathrooms are decent. There's a bar if you need to loosen up. Music is loud. There are a few cute guys that come here. Feel free to talk to or hit on others, this place is completely welcome to that. There are people that come in groups with their hot friends here. You don't have to dress to impress, people dress alright. Free for women 21 and up. Watch out if you're under 21 and drink. There is security that watches to see if people drink and they will kick you out. They check to see if you have your wrist marked (because they mark everyone 21 and up) and if they see you drink they'll confront you and tell you to leave. If you do comply, there cops are outside but they won't arrest you for underage drinking.

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