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Miami Beach, FL

(305) 674-4680

Closed now
4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL, 33140
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  • Rox Lauren 5 days ago

    HATED IT. people just standing around, no one dancing. looked like no one was having fun. the security/bouncers were the RUDEST I’ve ever encountered in my life. Such a bad experience when I expected so much from this club for the amount of money you have to spend. One drink was $24. I wouldn’t even say it’s worth it when a celebrity comes because they come in the last 30 minutes of the club and say a few words and leave. NOT WORTH IT.

  • James Lucas 8 days ago

    This place was good, we had a blast! It was expensive but overall it was good time. We had a group of girls and guys and getting in wasn't hard at all. Music was really good also the bottle service was excellent. There was a bunch of good looking girls as well. We will be back for sure!!

  • Allison McDaniel 36 days ago

    The dj was good and the lights and effects were really cool. Not really as large as I was thinking. Very crowded on dance floor. Drinks $18. Not really worth going to unless you can get a table. They definitely were not strict on dress code. Saw multiple girls wearing flats, tennis shoes, etc.

  • thebrendita24 39 days ago

    LIV!!!!! The promoters lie to you, they tell you "it's the best place to be, no one parties like they do in LIV, LIV is a well known club" For me this place was OK. nice inside , waited in line for over 45 min. The music was LAME! nothing to dance too, every other man I walked by shoved me or stepped on me and wanted to argue about it, no respect. Drinks were pretty high .even $20 for water. The two dancers at the top were FANTASTIC!!! Only good thing I saw on that cub. . Will I be going again Absolutely not. However give it a try if you'd like.

  • Mikey Williams 77 days ago

    Liv is expensive, no equivocation. There is a fair amount of celebrity patrons & guests, if you're into that. The staff is largely arrogant & rude, although it's not the entire staff. My bartender (I think her name was Jennifer?) was awesome, struck up a quick conversation & she was on point all night. She made the overall experience much better. Atmosphere is amazing, music is good. But, unless you're into wasteful spending, or part of the 'in' crowd there are better options. The hype surrounding this club didn't translate to results in my opinion.

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