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4441 Collins Ave Miami Beach, FL, 33140
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  • Kelly Perry 3 days ago

    Liv on Sunday is the best! Hip-hop night is the nightttt to be there. If you're getting there at midnight, you're probably getting there too early. If you stay till 3 AM that's when you'll see the dollar bills fallll from the ceilingggg. Always celebrity appearances in the building. Liv is popping on Wednesdays too. I always have a great time when I'm at Liv. The bass is always killing it. Be sure to stop in the front to take a picture! Egnio is a great employee and always makes sure my friends and I are taken care of.

  • Chris T 11 days ago

    My favorite club in Miami. The layout was exceptional and the A/C was cold it never got too hot inside the club. The only bad thing was the drink prices but what club doesn't have overpriced drinks.

  • Andrew Arace 15 days ago

    Amazing club experience. GOD AWFUL drink prices. Got 2 drinks (gin & tonic and a cosmo), tab was $45, that's beyond "overpriced", that was "ludicrous". If the music and atmosphere wasn't so good, I'd give it lower stars. It was so insulting it almost ruined my night.

  • Francesco Galletta 139 days ago

    Music: Excellent, I went for a Dillon Francis performance and the whole time the music was on point, amazing experience considering that I care a lot about sound quality rather than just "music I like". Price: Fairly good if you buy tickets before the day, can get pricey on the cover but it's worth it. Only downside on the price is that a drink that bad should not cost that much, I'm never buying another glass of ice and gasoline again. Drinks: Not good, buy a service if you wanna drink but I advice you, it's going to be expensive. Decoration: Another big plus of going to LIV is the amazing lights and deco they have, it's a must. Service: Good, seriously good, and not to be rude but the staff is very good looking (men and women).

  • Costa Michailidis 198 days ago

    The ratings here are hilarious. I think the standard is raised because Liv is literally one of the most famous clubs in the country. Also, seems like a huge amount of 1-star ratings because it's also a pain in the ass to get into. We were there for a Bachelor party, VIP service, had an incredible time. The group of staff managing our table was impeccable. They covered our table and all our drinks when the confetti blasted out of the cannons. Some random stranger tried to grab one of our bottles and the woman running our table, snatched it back and chewed him out bad. So, yeah, awesome staff. DJ was great, crowd was fun. All in all an incredible night.

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