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Little Rock Zoo

Little Rock, AR

(501) 666-2406

Closed now

(501) 666-2406

Closed now
1, Zoo Dr Little Rock, AR, 72205
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  • Kylie C 4 days ago

    We went to the zoo on a dollar day event thing where Hiland Dairy partnered with the zoo. Parking was difficult, gaining entry was pretty speedy, and drinks were being sold as well as free water stations that were placed sporadically. The only downside was because of the hot weather, a lot of the animals were hiding and keeping cool. Multiple exhibits only a few animals were out. I'd have preferred for it to be in a little cooler weather.

  • Deidra Winston 5 days ago

    This zoo is so awesome!!! We got in on a discount and we made the most of it My husband and I took our 6 year old son and he didn't make it out of the parking lot. I highly recommend it to anyone else who has not been here. Be prepared for at least a 3-4 hour walk. And please please bring snacks.

  • Naomi Southwell 5 days ago

    I have only been there once a couple years ago but it is a nice small zoo in the middle of a city. The animals seem to be well taken care of and the enclosures were clean and appeared safe. I am looking at the safety of the animals more than the people but the people appear safe also.

  • Bria Golston 26 days ago

    I loved the zoo. My kids enjoyed it, but felt bad for my mom. No wheelchairs or scooters were available for rent. Wanted to watch the animal show, but a staff person told us 5 minutes in advance before the show started and we weren't even close to the amphitheater!! We missed the whole show. Food was good.

  • Greg Spontak 31 days ago

    I'm torn, and I wish I could give that fifth star. I love having the zoo in a central, accessible place in town. The landscaping is great - lots of shade, varied vegetation, and I really like that there are often tags identifying the species (of the vegetation, tree, etc.) But it really seems like they must be operating with a proverbial hand tied behind the back - or perhaps running on autopilot. The zoo also seems behind the curve on natural habitats. (Maybe they just don't have the space. It is in the midst of the city, after all.) I didn't see any outright cages, but many enclosures seem dull and bare, with little (perhaps merely sufficient?) range for movement. I did appreciate the signage and attention to our natural surroundings, conservation, and global stewardship. Even if the zoo can't be active in those areas (i.e. limited financially), reminding visitors that these animals are not just for our entertainment but part of a global ecosystem is a valuable contribution as well. I should also note that I do think they do a good job for kids, and I'll certainly be bringing my toddlers back. It may not be perfect, but still a great place.

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