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Lisa Ross Birth & Women's Center

Knoxville, TN
1925 Ailor Ave # B Knoxville, TN, 37921
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  • Etta Rodriguez 606 days ago

    I loved this place for my prenatal care for 2 of my kids and the birth of the last one. It was so much better than my UT hospital birth with my first baby.

  • Steve Wingo 676 days ago

    Very good doctors my fiance just found out were having a baby and she's going there.

  • Nicole Hilton 720 days ago

    What an incredible place! Words cannot describe how happy I was with my pre natal care, birth and now the pediatric care my son is receiving. I would recommend these wonderful midwives to every woman whether they are expecting or not. They treat each person like a friend. I can't wait to be expecting again next year!

  • Kyla Hill 965 days ago

    I love everything about Lisa Ross. Everyone on staff is incredible and they always make me feel like we're family and that we feel 100% about our care and that we leave totally comfortable with all our questions answered. Its also so nice that they're able to "include" my almost 7 year old in my prenatal care and really make her feel like shes doing big things for her baby brother(she gets to hold the fetal Doppler and read the fundal height tape).

  • Jade Brodersen 1767 days ago

    I never wanted to have my baby in a hospital, the thought of it just made me cringe. Initially, I wanted a home birth but my husband was uneasy about that so we compromised with Lisa Ross. I will be having my next baby there too! I loved the midwives and all the support staff! If it weren't for the Breastfeeding Center, I may have not been able to successfully breastfeed my son! We had so many problems but they were always available to me. I had the most beautiful birth I could have ever imagined! We opened the patio door (yes, each room has a patio) and a cool breeze swept over me while I was laboring in the water. I could smell the roses outside and hear the crickets chirping in the early morning air. No one touched me or told me to stop doing what my body was telling me to do. It was absolutely amazing. I wish every mother the same kind of beautiful birthing experience that I had! My son's umbilical cord severed itself but the midwife quickly clamped off the end and my son was handed to my husband because he was breathing normally and had a normal heart rate. They sent off bloodwork later to make sure I was okay (which I was). These midwives are highly trained birth NURSES (they have master's degrees) and are perfectly equipped to handle any normal birth. The knowledge of the RNs at Lisa Ross also pleasantly surprised me; as I was used to the hospital RNs from my hometown- they aren't very friendly and I always felt that they didn't really know what they were doing. Overall, LR is awesome. But it doesn't stop after your baby is born! They have a pediatric NP to take care of well-baby visits until 2 years of age and WHNPs for general women's healthcare. They also have a ton of community programs where you can meet other like-minded mamas!

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