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Limelight Houston

Houston, TX
2401 San Jacinto St Houston, TX, 77002
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  • Anurag Naik 592 days ago

    This place is closed. So you myt wanna check out Life Houston which is a superb club open till 5 am on Saturdays.

  • antonio perez 609 days ago

    I liked going there. .but last weekend when I went it wasn't there. .it's changed to Gay club. RICHS...don't pay for parking n then regret. .swing around before you pay

  • anthony mendoza 875 days ago

    The Environment and people were at best described as Ghetto. Got my phone Pick pocketed. Not a Very safe place to go. This club is not what i expected. Very disappointed. Not worth the $25

  • Meredith Shealy 1022 days ago

    this is probably the most dangerous place I've ever been. Saw someone get thrown out by the neck, someone pick pocketed me on the dance floor and outside I watched someone unload a semi. Don't go here. It's for your own good. Also, two drinks cost "$35 dollars" but after I stared at the bartender he said "okay fine, $30." This place is worse than Comcast's customer service.

  • travisaimsn 1466 days ago

    This place is pretty fun if you wanna go out into midtown on the weekends. It's fairly small compared to Stereolive's venue but that just means the speakers are in your face more. The atmosphere is pretty intense from when you walk in and out. Don't be surprised to be bothered by the homeless people who ask for money after you leave the place too. Other than that they have good performers come in here and there. It's a good place to keep in mind if you want options on where to go out in Houston.

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