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12 E 53rd St New York, NY, 10022
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  • Jessie Karagosian 96 days ago

    Attending LIM College was the best decision I made in my entire life. When accepted, make sure you attend Accepted Students Day! There I attended break-out sessions, and was able to attend our yearly fashion show - for free! The classes are amazing and the staff and professors are all educated and experienced. You dive head first into the industry on day one. The opportunities and experiences you have here are endless! Internships and jobs are easy to find and easy to attain with the help from the career management department. Couldn't be happier with my college experience!

  • Aryelle Santos 99 days ago

    I am originally from North Carolina and I always dreamed about pursuing a job in the fashion industry. I wanted to make sure that the college I am attending will be able to make that dream possible. Attending LIM College makes me feel secure that I am able to get career in the fashion industry by the time I graduate. This is my second year at this school and I am almost overwhelmed by the endless opportunities that LIM College offers, not only in internships, but my school offers networking and career building workshops. LIM College is very career driving and specialized for students who want to pursue a career in the business aspect of the fashion industry.

  • Berlin Saint Clair 515 days ago

    I would LOVE to attend and always wanted to. Graduated FIDM '98 and would adore brushing up here after all these years. Always had an AMAZING reputation from both coasts.

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