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Liberty Memorial

Kansas City, MO

(816) 888-8100

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100 W 26th St Kansas City, MO, 64108
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  • Steve Hartig 12 days ago

    Really enjoyed it. The museum itself does a great job of going through the war with a combination of displays, video and words. We went through the museum at a reasonable pace and it took about two hours but you could also spend twice as much time there. The overall style of the monument coming from the 1920’s really gave the feel for the time. Definitely go up the tower!

  • Michael Felty 22 days ago

    Overall a great museum for the history people out there. Really enjoyed the glass bridge over the poppies, especially after learning that each poppy represented 1000 deaths during the war. It was very humbling. You can probably spend as little as 3 hours or as much as 2 days touring the museum. Your ticket is good for two days so if you want to come back you can. Make sure to get the add on to visit the tower. The view is great. The gift shop was reasonably priced although I had difficulty finding a gift for my daughter.

  • Cody Schadegg 29 days ago

    Even giving yourself the two days a pass will grant you is not enough to see everything there is to offer here. One of my favorite places to visit in KC! The museum is first class exhibit-wise, and it's incredible to have this National Memorial to the war right here in KC. I've even been on Veteran's Day, and while it was as populated by visitors as I've ever seen it, the layout is so well done it doesn't feel crowded. There only opportunity you may miss on busy days is the observation deck at the top of the memorial obelisk. This offers incredible views of the city so definitely try to take it in!

  • Rachel Green 35 days ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed. We came on Saturday and were pleased to learn that the tickets covered two days. Was nicely surprised to come the next day to encounter the live re-enactment stations. Apparently they come every second Sunday and have different themes each time. So much detail. I do recommend the audio tour. We were told at the counter that the tour didn't offer any other information, but just provides the written information in audio form. I found the audio tour to provide more information. I was also pretty overwhelmed by all of the information and displays. The audio tour really helped me focus throughout the museum and actually be able to take everything in. I mentioned in our second day that it would be awesome if they had a kids version of the tour on audio for the little ones. I was pretty impressed that the person actually wrote down my suggestion. Even if nothing ever comes of it, I felt pretty validated and heard. The museum itself was huge. Two individual halves- we did one half each day. There is a nice film to start your tour and another tour halfway through. There are a few small films throughout. I was also impressed with the fact that they had little seats available to sit and watch the films in the middle of the museum. We were saddened to find out that the Cafe had a limited menu on Sunday. We looked online and saw that the regular menu was pretty unique and had potential to add to the museum experience. They had unique selections like a 'eat like a soldier'- where you could choose menu items that would be similar to what a soldier would eat. I was super impressed to learn that this museum was thought of immediately following the war and came to fruition quickly thereafter. There was an additional museum about the chemical warfare. There are two additional museums upstairs on either end of the main hall. Very impressed and absolutely enjoyed!

  • krislena Amador 38 days ago

    I took my brother in law to this museum when he came to kc to visit us. The museum is big and has so so many things to see, for me it is amazing. Is always clean and well care. Everyone that works at this place is super friendly. You will start with a movie telling you how the war starts and in the middle of the museum you will watch a second movie. Super interesting we really love our time in here. You can also include a visit to the tower to see the whole city and take pictures.

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