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Liberty Center

Liberty Township, OH

(513) 644-0900

Open now
7100 Foundry Row Liberty Township, OH, 45069
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  • Rae R 14 days ago

    Overall, I have to say this a decent shopping area. It seems to go towards the new norm of open shopping rather than closed malls. This can be have it’s advantages and disadvantages depending on weather and other factors. The Cobb Theater is nice. There are many stores and decent parking.

  • Tim Meier 15 days ago

    At the Northstar Cafe the food they serve is of the highest quality. The ingredients are from local and organic producers. The cookies are big, incredibly rich in flavor and totally awesome! The design of the restaurant is open and casual. They are family and children friendly but the booths in the back of the restaurant have a more intimate atmosphere. You order upon entering at the counter with the display case filled with their incredibly big and delicious chocolate chunk cookies that are great for sharing. I really like their classic cheeseburger one the best in Cincinnati and the Thai Burrito. They also have great salads. You can not miss the bar as it is the first thing that you see on the left upon entering. All of the staff provides great service with a smile. Next time you are at Liberty Center come in and relax. You will love the food whatever you like to order.

  • Jeralyn B Pasinabo Peagler 26 days ago

    This place is very similar to the Greene in Dayton but they have better selection of restaurants. They are unique. I have been to at least 5 of the restaurants and the food and view are phenomenal! The main reason i go there often because of the food!

  • Lauren Kelley 40 days ago

    This mall is not like any mall I have been in. It has great places to eat and to shop. It is a inside and outside mall with beautiful scenery. Inside you will find tall brick pillars that remind you of a nice classic winery. Outside you will find yourself in a gorgeous courtyard area. This is not one of those run down malls that you have probably been in recently. Liberty center is the one thing you don't want to miss out on.

  • melodiousmusicalme 52 days ago

    The crew there are so nice and attentive. Very suave environment. Great food and fun atmosphere. It is very unique. Make sure to ask about the building. The music was great. A group called The Johnson Treatment was playing, and people even got up to dance, so that was a lot of fun. The Blue Note is very classy, the second floor is pretty special as well. Great spot for a date.

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