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3225 Sunset Blvd West Columbia, SC, 29169
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  • Chip Dye 16 days ago

    Might as well walk cause their is no parking and the staff sucks

  • Kim Gregg 288 days ago

    I would give it less if I could my daughter is having a gallbladder attack we've been here 2.5 hrs they say she is a level 3 and will have a 4 hr wait. Staff is very nonchalant I guess throwing up blood isn't serious enough for them!!!!

  • Veronica Perez 332 days ago

    Worst service here the doctors don't treat you good they ignore when you say you are in pain they don't ask about your pain or anything I would not come here again they treat you like why are you even here

  • Kayla Linderman 882 days ago

    it was awful service bad staff we sat there six hours with our 3 month old baby who could not breath staff sat arould and talked instead of doing thier jobs and we watched patient after patients come and go after we got the and we came by ambulance who brought us through the back and put us in the emergency room I will never recommend Lexington medical center to no one and I can assure we will never go back they are not the least bit concerned about a baby what so ever !!! so from now on we will go to Richland or Baptist they need to work on their speed and not bring patients in who came in after someone else before the person who was there frist in my personal oppion they need some better staff my baby could of easily stoped breathing again while I sat thier six hours but you think the staff cared no but horrible place horrible service !!!!!! :-(

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