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4900 Marie P DeBartolo Way Santa Clara, CA, 95054
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  • Frank Fumarola 9 days ago

    When compared to other stadiums I've been to, and LATAM soccer stadiums my wife has been to, this facility is gorgeous. Cons: No purses (even small ones) allowed in, getting transit or Uber out of here is a nightmare. Pros: Free bag check, great stadium, great view of the field from multiple vantage points.

  • Robert Castillo 13 days ago

    The stadium is still pretty new so the place is pretty clean. Every seat I've sat in has had a pretty good view of the field and they have every type of food selection available around the main walkway. Once you're in you have pretty free access to most of the stadium. The museum is a cool experience for any die hard fans and definitely worth a trip through at least once. Biggest complaints are price. I know that when you go to a stadium you should expect to pay inflated prices but $5 for a water seriously? Last time I went I spent$20 on a pretzel and some fries. Traffic is also a nightmare. Doesn't matter if you drive in our take the light rail, you're looking at an hour just to get out of there, but I suppose that's the result of a high capacity stadium. Still, if you have the cash it's a fun experience that's worth the time.

  • Elisa Lou 38 days ago

    Love this new venue. Not the best for public transit though, and getting out of parking and waiting for Uber is a mess. Hot tip: walk to the Hilton to request a ride which has an exit far from the main busy road. Great for concerts - enjoyed Taylor Swift here in 2015. Also an awesome party venue - enjoyed checking out all the lounges in Dec 2016!

  • Brooke Gantman 44 days ago

    The stadium was very clean, and our seats had great views--even from the 200-level seating. We even managed to get a seat in the "Levi's 500 club" or something like that, and we had a special entrance, a separate bar/restaurant to order food from, and separate bathrooms from the main mezzanine area. I gave the stadium 4 stars because of the bag checks! It was very inconsistent. One security guard said that my bag was too large. We walked a few feet down to another metal detector and the security guard let us go right through! But, the sound quality was enough to balance out that snafu! PS: My photo is from the 200-level!

  • Ivan Ramirez 72 days ago

    Very nice looking stadium. Layout is perfect. Every seat has a good view, now if your a drinker. Buy the cheapest seat ticket possible and just hang out at the Bud Light Patio.. I always meet cool people.

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