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250 Bedford Park Blvd W Bronx, NY, 10468
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  • Dorjee Namgyal 41 days ago

    One of the best colleges in new york. Campus is really beautiful and the majority of the staff members are really nice and helpful. This is my second semester at lehmen college. So far, everything has been positive.

  • michael tryon 46 days ago

    Would this college be good for someone whos trying to become a teacher?

  • Michelle Perez 65 days ago

    All cuny administration services sucks, but overall the school itself is great.

  • Joselyn Espinosa 83 days ago

    I would give it no stars on service. You would think trying to obtain information as a prospective student that a college would be more willing to help especially having considered to spend my dollars here.. NO WAY!!!! operators have no type of proper phone etiquette and josh you around. What's worse when you finally reach someone as a director; they are really rude. God forbid.. Who knows how they treat their students. I will take my business else where.

  • Aaron Hunt 156 days ago

    This has to be the worst administrative support I have ever encountered in my entire life and as a result of the ineptitude of the financial aid department and it's staff, I have been homeless in the two months I have been enrolled at Lehman despite being qualified and approved for over $20,000 worth of federal loans. The problem? You have to pry it out of their evil iron fists first. I can't begin to tell you how depressed and destitute I have been since I was FORCED to go to this school. My program put me at this laughing stock of an educational institute. The only thing I have learned since I've been here is how to survive on the streets. Time is running out and so is what little money I have left... DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!! I cannot emphasize how dangerous it is to be done the way that I have. HEED MY WARNING. I am STUCK and CANNOT leave even if I wanted to. DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL!!!

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