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Le Reve

New York, NY

(212) 759-7777

Closed now

(212) 759-7777

Closed now
125 E 54th St New York, NY, 10022
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  • stacy peters Today

    I had the worst experience at this place for my birthday last night and I will never come back here again nor will I be recommending anyone to come here. First off I mad my reservations by phone a month in advance when I got the the manager who by the way has a very bad attitude tried to change the price of the package that I reserved not only that he tried to charge the people in my party even tho I brought a section. Also when we seated he still tried to rip me off my package includes 2 hookahs he tried to only give me one all night he was yelling and screaming like the diva he was when in fact I was the only diva cause it was my birthday the owner kept telling him to give me what ever I want which was what I made reservations for its is only fair on top of that the were ripping people off at the door charging $75 to get in and the lounge wasn't even full there bottle prices are ridiculous and the dj wasn't all that don't waste you time coming here if your looking to have a fun night wish I could of gave the no stars.

  • Cheyenne James 29 days ago

    Can you give a review of a place that you haven’t even had the chance to experience? But here we go. Today, May 19, 2018 I was intending to celebrate my birthday along with my best friend’s birthday. We each had individual birthday fliers made with our faces on it to hand out to to our friends and a combined brunch reservation for 4pm. With that being said, the restaurant owner or whoever was in charge, very well knew that I was going to attend this event and that a deposit was made for the brunch. A friend that recommended Le Reve explained that the establishment is veryyyyy serious about punctuality for reservations and that was evident today as I watched as the doorman only allowed a party to go inside for their allotted reservation time as long as all party members were present. With that being said, I was nervous that I wouldn’t be allowed in due to the traffic caused by inclement weather. Rushing to get ready to avoid being late, upon my arrival I realized that I left my ID at home. Granted you need ID to get inside these types of establishments, that wasn’t the issue. I told security that I left my ID at home and he instructed me to wait for the doorman to come back to tell him. The doorman approached and I explained that my ID was left at home. He said to ask someone at home to take a picture and send it to my phone as proof. I did exactly that. He took my phone and showed security and that’s when security denied my access inside of the restaurant. I have no one to blame about leaving my ID home except for myself but what annoyed me the most is the back and fourth about getting proof that I have an ID and still being denied access despite being on the list as a guest with a reserved table for brunch birthday celebration and a deposit made. Switching up rules for convenience is not acceptable and that’s exactly what occurred today. One person said that I was fine, granting me access and another says the opposite. I will never support this establishment. It’s really not that serious to deny someone who reserved a table for a celebration and that have their guests already in the restaurant waiting. If I could give zero stars, I would.

  • Ronin Raphael 56 days ago

    Has potential to be a lot better and 5 star I must admit. Food and drink were delicious , especially the food. Problem was that the service was extremely slow. Way too slow for me. I tried to order a second drink, and the waitress who took my order seemed to be serving everyone around me but somehow forgot about our table. The same waitress would come back later to ask how we were doing (by now everyone had finished eating and had empty glasses.) The food was really good hence the 3 stars. Hopefully they improve their service!

  • Raja Krishnan 60 days ago

    Came here for a Corporate Event and was impressed with the interior decoration. DJ for that night was amazing the music selection was good. They have good Mediterranean food. The lounge was pretty small which made hard to dance when it is crowded.

  • Troy Gooden 116 days ago

    Very cool place, ended up watching the game over here. I also ended up ordering some food, some jerk wings which were pretty excellent alongside with some waffles. They also had a pasta with shrimp, it was very good. They have hookah here for people who like hookah and the DJ's pretty good the night that I went. The only complaint that I have about the place is that when you go downstairs there is next to no signal for your phone, it's very hard to get in touch with people to let them know where you might be in the actual Club.

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