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501 Morse St NE Washington, DC, 20002
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  • Curt Pearson Today

    Went to Layla lounge to have a drink and ended up in a full blown party! Wonderful time, good drinks, beautiful people. Shout out to Ananda to loud!

  • Nate Ferguson 9 days ago

    I went for a very disorganized event... So this may be somewhat biased... But the venue was kind of dark, nothing looked new or modern, upstairs and downstairs are not that big, weird location.

  • James Jones 19 days ago

    I was here on New Year's eve and I had a blast

  • Dylan Sharpe 104 days ago

    tried going for the after party for Rae Sremmurd at fillmore, online promotions advertised for everyone to get in free before midnight, and ladies free all night. Went out of the way to check it out, when we got there the bouncer said it would be $40 per person to get in, EVEN THE GIRLS WE WERE WITH! When i tried to explain the advertisement online, even after pulling it up on my phone, the bouncer refused to acknowledge the offer his own damn club was promoting and raised his price to $60 per person for the three of us. Not sure if they have a problem with white people or people in general, but from what ive read it seems like the bouncer did us a favor making us save our hard earned money on a poorly run, worn down club that will probably end up going out of business within the next month

  • Thaen Oneal 133 days ago

    This was huge waste of time. First off, we were supposedly on the guest list get on b4 11 and it's free. Ppl were getting there at 10 1030, they held the line until well after 11. It was my sister's birthday so I paid the 60 for us to get in. First off all the bottom floor was tiny. They literally had 10 bar stools. And couches lined the walls. Of course they were all taken so we tried to sit on the couch only to be informed that to sit there he had to kick out at least 300 to sit. 😒they said it was VIP but there was no where else to sit. Then we paid 37 dollars for 3 drinks. I spoke to the owner and told her it was false advertisement to say it was a lounge and the charge insane amounts to sit down. Asked about going upstairs, she said no one goes up until 1, mind u it was 1130. The drinks r over priced, it's way too much to sit down. Upstairs was just as bad. THIS IS NOT A LOUNGE, IT'S A HOLE IN THE WALL CRAP CLUB. GOOD MUSIC BUT THE REST WAS SO BAD IT DIDN'T EVEN MATTER. IF I COULD GIVE THIS PLACE LESS THAT 1 STAR I WOULD. DON'T GO HERE EVER, IT'S A RIPOFF.

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