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Layla Lounge

Washington, DC
501 Morse St NE Washington, DC, 20002
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  • Catourey RayVLOGS 212 days ago

    Horrible place! Very low class, Not a lounge at all as there is no free sitting areas! Anytime you go into a lounge and see women with there ass out dancing on their hands and knees on the dirty floor, it’s time to go! This is definitely a young ppl spot where you have to watch you back and clinch your purse tight. Lucky for me I came to the club with a promoter so I didn’t pay to get in but when I got there it was a long line of people waiting outside around 1030pm and the club was completely empty until after 1130-1200ish when they decided to start letting ppl in. The security didn’t have any control over the vip section because we would step out on the dance floor for a second and have to rush back to vip because we would see some random ppl sitting at our table smdh The local hood boogars will break out fighting in a instant and don’t come in there looking super cute because they will try to fight you for no reason. I left the Vip section to used the Restroom and came back to a full on fight including my best friend, who is dc police officer( but wouldn’t hurt a fly) and 3 girl and two guys were trying to jump her because she asked them to get up from our table that we paid for and she didn’t even ask them directly she asked security to move them. HORRIBLE HORRIBE HORRIBLE! The only good thing I can say about this place is that the DJ was great and my friends said the wings were delicious. So just go at your own risk.

  • Jamais Burts 265 days ago

    The crowd was very ratchet. I didn't have to pay to get in because I was a guest but if I would have I would have been upset.

  • Stephen Barber 472 days ago

    Layla Lounge is the place to be. Open space, cool atmosphere, what's not to love. I was here on Monday for Munchies Monday. We play cannabis bingo and have a great time.

  • Thaen Oneal 617 days ago

    This was huge waste of time. First off, we were supposedly on the guest list get on b4 11 and it's free. Ppl were getting there at 10 1030, they held the line until well after 11. It was my sister's birthday so I paid the 60 for us to get in. First off all the bottom floor was tiny. They literally had 10 bar stools. And couches lined the walls. Of course they were all taken so we tried to sit on the couch only to be informed that to sit there he had to kick out at least 300 to sit. 😒they said it was VIP but there was no where else to sit. Then we paid 37 dollars for 3 drinks. I spoke to the owner and told her it was false advertisement to say it was a lounge and the charge insane amounts to sit down. Asked about going upstairs, she said no one goes up until 1, mind u it was 1130. The drinks r over priced, it's way too much to sit down. Upstairs was just as bad. THIS IS NOT A LOUNGE, IT'S A HOLE IN THE WALL CRAP CLUB. GOOD MUSIC BUT THE REST WAS SO BAD IT DIDN'T EVEN MATTER. IF I COULD GIVE THIS PLACE LESS THAT 1 STAR I WOULD. DON'T GO HERE EVER, IT'S A RIPOFF.

  • Khelan Todd 955 days ago

    I'm not sure why the previous review aren't as good! But when I went I had a fantastic time! The staff was fantastic -- the music was great and the price was extremely reasonable. Kudos to the staff there because I ended up losing my phone and the staff recovered it, gave it to the club owner - who then went out of his way to make sure I get it back. I'm so thankful and I would highly recommend Layla Lounge if you want to have a good time! Thanks a million.

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