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Label Charlotte

Charlotte, NC
900 NC Music Factory Blvd Charlotte, NC, 28206
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  • Dj Fx Mix Masters 372 days ago

    The Best Club Ever in the Queen City, we're going to Miss you A lot Guys

  • Madison Gill 385 days ago

    Came here to see Steve Aoki a few months ago and Zeds Dead like a week prior to that. Drink prices are good. Spacious back patio and hookah. They have a bar in the back that it AMAZING. Dance floor gets a little crowded but it wasn't uncomfortable. They also have a space where you can store jackets and purses and its safe. The only problem is parking is a little far (unless you wanna pay like $15) and they dont have good sound quality.

  • Jorge Torres 396 days ago

    The club is amazing, personally my favorite club in NC! But I was at an event on June 17th, 2017 and my wallet fell out of my pocket and a security guard picked it up and I informed him it was mine and gave him all my information and told him everything that was in the wallet and instead of returning it he kept it and I talked to the manager and staff and they said that nothing could be done about it! If the staff can't be trusted then Im not so sure if I would like to return anymore!

  • Andrew Hultstrand 404 days ago

    Great location in Charlotte. Went for an edm show and was happy with the intimate atmosphere and lighting.

  • Ben 482 days ago

    Going to Label is like ordering Chicken Tenders from a restaurant you've never been to before. You really don't *want* to, but there's really nothing else interesting and you can't just sit at home and so nothing. Basically, here is experience with Label: (1.) They entice you to come by actually having a real EDM producer show up once in awhile because if not only Fillmore would get the raver kids. (2.) If you show up sooner than 2.5 hours before the show is supposed to end, prepare to be bored as no one else is there and you can't dance like yourself without feeling awkward. (3.) The women who go to Label consist of 85% basic b*tches who don't want male attention, despite being single, but then kinda do later once they get some drinks in them and remember how much they miss Chad. (4.) The guys who go there are 80% creeps and weirdos, and are most likely are from some Eastern country whose town names you can't pronounce. They dress up a lot more preppy than a "pretend to be upscale" club like Label deserves, and spend most of their time walking around in circles until one finally finds a girl without any dignity left. Either that or get drunk to the point that they try to fight a guy for accidentally rubbing up against them. (5.) Label is best experienced mostly sober. Yes, really. The drinks cost a whole lunch's worth and being coherently minded allows you to fully take in the f**kery that is constantly happens in front of you. It's quality entertainment watching everyone pretend like they're actually enjoying themselves. However, the audio setup is actually pretty decent, so it's best you can stay as non-drunk as possible to fully enjoy the producer's mix and the CO2 cannon that they constantly fire every 10 minutes or whenever someone complains about the Air Conditioning needing to be turned on. 3/5. Perfect for disappointing your girlfriend and never allowing you to choose where she goes ever again. But that's okay, because as soon as you're done with her Label will provide you a new slightly below average intelligence q-t-pie to take her to more shows and spend all your hard earned money with.

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