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King of Diamonds

Miami, FL

(305) 999-9500

Open now

(305) 999-9500

Open now
Sorry, there are no upcoming events
17800 Ipco Rd Miami, FL, 33162
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  • Shanice Wheeler Today

    Club was poppin. Music was fire. But the girls were scared to approach me and my husband.

  • A Hall 46 days ago

    The front door girl was rude as hell...they don’t give you exact change when you need dollar bills for the strippers...they took off 3% off top. The girls were ratchet. Man this place was trash.

  • B Peterson 46 days ago

    Attractive dancers for sure. Curvy, voluptuous, lovely. But rude staff overall. Hassled over how much we were spending despite the fact that a friend and I, both females, weren't approached by the dancers often. When we were approached, we were happy to tip. I understand the women work off of their tips, this isn't my first go around at a strip club. But it is the first time I've experienced being pretty much ignored by the dancers and hounded by the staff. I'd be happy to spend my money if given the opportunity to. Please don't ignore your all female parties.

  • Alexis E 96 days ago

    Okay .. since the dancer resource doesn’t include maimi . This club is huge and awesome.. but if you have a smaller petite body this isn’t the club for you . They have beautiful woman with nice big booty like Blac Chyna . Loved the girls and management but if you have a small booty don’t try to work here.. you won’t make as much you are used to .: loved the club. Good girls !!

  • Gregory Mitchel 103 days ago

    Very beautiful and exotic ladies. They are a little too voluptuous for me I prefer more petite women. One thing is for certain these ladies are very talented on the pole, dare I say acrobatic even.

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