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Keller Williams Integrity First Realty

Mesa, AZ

(480) 854-2400

Closed now
2500 S Power Rd #121 Mesa, AZ, 85209
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  • Gwen Sherwood 7 days ago

    Truly first class. Above and beyond in everyway. Would use them again in a heartbeat. I am at a loss for words to describe the unbelievably outstanding professional process from beginning to end we experienced with this team. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  • Laura Hermes 118 days ago

    I have worked with Gary and Melynda Wolter both professionally and personally. They are very helpful and have hearts of gold! Their integrity and knowledge of the business is one of a kind!

  • Jeff Johnson 307 days ago

    By far the worst experience I have ever had when it comes to selling a home. I usually don't leave reviews but this was so ridiculous that I had to. Keep in mind I waited 8 months after the sale of my home to write this as I don't like doing things when I am upset so this is not just a pissed off rage. Let me list some things that Led me to writing this. This group only cares about themselves and their commission. Extremely lazy and will only do what they have to in order to sell your home. Terrible customer service Seems the only way then can sell a home is to keep dropping the price till its under market value and it is too good to pass up. They do not put forth anymore effort on their part. Their are a lot of great real estate companies out their just please don't use the Mesa group as you will regret it. Melynda Wolter was our Realter

  • Anonymous Google User 530 days ago

    A few things in a tough experience as a first time buyer.....this was a relocation sale which was my realtors first. My loan did not close as a result of my bank making errors not being timely with paperwork but nevertheless the ball was dropped on the communication aspect with my "team". With a 78k loan on a house this should've been smooth as butter..... Dylan with the Chader team was a great realtor as far as traveling with me to see many houses in different towns throughout Phoenix. He was very flexible with meeting me at various houses that were far across towns (Chandler , Maricopa, Casa Grande). However, the houses he was picking were not exactly what I was looking for. In fact, the primary houses I was considering on purchasing or made offers on I actually found on my own. The house I actually bought I found. I'm quite happy with my purchase but I found that I would end up making my own list of houses and having him to let me in more or less. Also the negotiating skills were sub par in my experience. I understand that all realtors want the sale. I've had this experience with realtors in the past. I come up with an offer that's well below the asking price of the seller and I am advised against it. I offer it anyway and the seller actually came down every time. In this particular case the asking price was fair for the house. I came in with an offer 10k lower than asking price. They moved down 1k I made another couple offers. Then I made a mistake which my realtor should've caught considering he's working for me. I didn't think about closing costs as a first time buyer of a home. So my last offer was 168k with closing costs in response to them coming down to 169k..... After making a verbal agreement it was later that night I explained to my realtor that I could've just paid what they asked and they probably would've covered closing costs. So I explained this to Dylan and he replied that we verbally agreed so it's too late. So if my realtor was paying attention to the negotiation and looked out for me as a client, he couldve said hey just pay asking because you'll actually pay more by paying 168k and closing costs. Overall, my experience with the chader team gets 2 stars due to my realtors flexibility and timeliness however the negotiation skills , representation and attention to what the buyer is looking for need to improve a bit.

  • Pat McLuckie 644 days ago

    David Isaac helped us find a house in Arizona while we were still living in Michigan. When I flew in to buy, he was completely prepared with information sheets printed for every house we asked to see including some similar homes that had just come on the market, and he had a very organized route mapped out. I spent two full days with him and saw at least 25 homes, some more than once. During the week I was here and the ones that followed, he went above and beyond the call of duty for us more times than I can say. He took care of many extra details we couldn't handle from a distance and was consistently reliable, communicative, and professional. We would recommend him without reservation.

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