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  • Ashley Banas 187 days ago

    Read all the fine print before signing.

  • businessoffers fortheyear 310 days ago

    DO NOT GO HERE IT'S THE WROST SCHOOL TO GO TO. This is the worst school to go to , I went here for 3 months and it was the worst 3 months of my life , All they care about is $$$ and nothing more they can careless about your education. Trust me you do not want to go there. I had a math teacher who can barely speak english half of the stuff she was teaching us she didn't even solve it herself . I bet she was cheap to hire so they hire her just so they can make more $$$.

  • Chris Starr 647 days ago

    To whom it may concern, My name is Christopher Starr, I’m currently in the hospitality program and I have been attending Keiser university since September of 2014. Overall I have been very dissatisfied with your school. My first class was intro to computers and half the time either the internet or the program that I paid for in the text book did not work. I understand this is a private school, but I paid and continue to pay a very high tuition to go to your school and am not getting the paid services. An example is your writing studio, Keiser University prides themselves on this studio and shows it to all incoming students. Yet when I actually used it for my composition class, I got a 70 on my paper. I don’t understand how using your services and having assistance only helps me to get a 70. Shouldn’t both the teacher and the person in the writing studio have the same standards? I mean you as a school, pride yourselves with this writing studio yet only C average work comes out of it, that doesn’t make sense. I was patient with initial classes and hoped things would be better once I started my core classes, but unfortunately that is not the case. Currently I am taking Hotel Front Desk and am upset with the unprofessionalism I am receiving from the professor. The teacher does not follow her own syllabus. Each week we cover two chapters, yet for a weekly quiz we are given 50 questions – this is a quiz yet it seems more like an exam. The first week the entire class failed the quiz, but instead of re-teaching or as any good teacher would do try to see where our misunderstandings lie, she had us spend the entire class redoing the quiz searching for the answers in the book (where was the teaching or planning involved in this lesson?). For the final project, I was asked to submit an outline of my PowerPoint presentation. Isn’t a PowerPoint basically an outline of a presentation? Considering key points are put on a slide so that the speakers then speaks to those points to engage the audience, I never would want my audience to read every word I wish to share with them on every slide, so basically it is an outline. The teacher to this class is Nicole King. In my honest opinion, I feel she is an inexperience teacher who has no class room management and a busy schedule. It seems that this class is not her priority. I should have an experience teacher, who treats this class as her first priority. You as Keiser pride yourself about professionalism, yet I have left class feeling disrespected by my teacher on multiple occasions. There have been several times Nicole made very inappropriate sarcastic remarks to not only me, but to other students. She has even called me a “Smart Ass”. Due to Ms. King’s lack of professionalism I was told I needed to meet with the Dean and had an appointment the first thing the next morning. I arrived early for the appointment, only to find he had a conflict on his schedule. Dean Knox then bragged that he was early for his appointment at Harbor Side. Again a lack of professional courtesy considering no one bothered to call and reschedule my appointment would have been nice. I’m expected to dress and act professionally and work so that I can pay for my tuition, yet my time and work is not taken into consideration when I ask to be treated as a professional. In addition, this meeting between the Dean and I, should have remained between the two of us and not have included Ms. King.

  • bruce monroe 682 days ago

    Have completed one degree and am working on my second. This was the way for me to increase my knowledge in many areas. I find the way the classes are taught is the best way for me to learn (one month classes, one class a month). Have found the majority of the faculty very helpful.

  • Maria Landaverde 683 days ago

    Keiser University is an amazing school. I say this because the faculty and staff are there for you at all times. They (the staff) care about the students and very educated in the topic of the class.

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