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75 Peachtree Pl NW Atlanta, GA, 30309
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  • Vonda Wimberly 79 days ago

    Took my oldest daughter out for her Birthday and WE HAD A BLAST!!

  • Jereia Clarke 84 days ago

    Music was good but the smoke was too much for me.

  • Sharene Robinson 141 days ago

    Hard to find, my GPS clued me to be there in which I wasn't. A friend had to walk to be to rescue me. Kapture, anything to help with this? This is the second time this has happen. The first time I just went someone else. Club was cool aside from the girls behind the bar that aren't bartending. Like what's the point? I plan to return

  • Veronica Tirado 144 days ago

    Friday night was my 1st time at the new location and must say this was the worse club experience ever! After another guest found my phone in the bathroom, she turned it into the bathroom attendant. The idiot bathroom attendant said she gave my phone away to another lady. She wouldn't tell me who she gave my phone to and worse wouldn't get off her fat ass to retrieve it. She may had lied all together and stole my phone. Whatever truly happened to it, I never got my phone back. You can expect terrible Customer service from staff here. There completely ratchet. Definitely will never return. There are too many clubs within 5 minutes where you are guaranteed to have a great time. Check out Opera, Sutra, or the club right beside Kapture instead.

  • Amnyst Davis 233 days ago

    This place was very small then I thought it would be. Think of three squares together the outer layer would be where the VIP section is of course nobody can't be in there then the middle Square would be the walking room and then the last Square will be where the bar is and the little bit of room in that walking area is where everybody else will be who didn't get VIP and the other and also in the walking room is where they have VIP chairs and that takes a lot of room to so not much room everybody's hugging on the bar they played a lot of trap music not my taste but for someone who likes that they do play a lot of trap music and the drinks were very high and the location is very terrible going and driving down that road it's terribly .needs to be fixed I swear I was like swimming in my car because I didn't know how bad the roads were going up and down up and down but it was an OK experience

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