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Kabin Lounge

Washington, DC

(202) 810-2770

Closed now
1337 Connecticut Ave NW Washington, DC, 20036
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  • Infamous Entertainment 70 days ago

    Good relaxing spot

  • Brionna Farney 75 days ago

    Had to wait in a long line to enter and for drinks. Not really worth the experience.

  • chunchi's & kj world 140 days ago

    The prices was higher than expected but it's a nice bar!!

  • Jazmin Tinsley 200 days ago

    This place was ok me and my friend was supppse to go to decades but she forgot her id smh and while we were standing on the side one of the club promoters from this club passed and asked what happened I told him what happened he told us he can get us in for free even without my friends Id so we went here he put us in a section and everything. It was nice until about 1 when all the ratchets started coming in guys standing on sofas which is hella ghetto for me it was just annoying they switch djs the first dj was nice he did the throwbacks from like early 2000’s but after the next dj came it was music that I wasn’t really into like today music it was nice tho before that usually I don’t leave a lounge before 2 but I had to leave cus I was over it next time I’ll just stick to decades or ultra bar. They only have one level which is kind of sucks also

  • Jonathan Bryan 469 days ago

    My experience is limited to a few birthday party outings. The music selection has always been a combination of hip-hop, pop, and EDM sprinkled in. Everything was hassle free from the bar to the dance floor. The crowd was diverse and drama free. Bottle service is more expensive then you might imagine given the venue so check ahead before you book.

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