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John Jay College of Criminal Justice

New York, NY
524 W 59th St New York, NY, 10019
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  • Amane Awaw 34 days ago

    Do you do internships while your learning? Like imagine I want to do forensics, would they give me an internship at a police department? Im just asking. Before I pick my college in 5 days, could some one respond ASAP

  • Tee Pee 172 days ago

    It’s what you make of it but amazing for criminal justice related majors very knowledgeable professors with lengthly experience in the field.

  • Susan Gregg 206 days ago

    This school is appalling I attended a focus group, and the whole school gives a very negative vib... The "-professor" who conducted the group, could not keep his eyes off my chest.. What a loser, so unprofessional. Students sleep on sofas in public areas, the security officer kept me waiting, while she kept gossiping with a co worker for several minutes. This whole school is a public works project, Supported by tax payers, for losers who cant do anything else, in life. & to have a "professor" teach a course on "teaching dead cops" is not only vile, but a disgrace to John Jay, one of the founding fathers and the first A.A. Dispecable!!

  • Aaliyah F 226 days ago

    It’s my first year here @ JJ, and it’s so far been a great experience. The staff are helpful and patient, the professors are good teachers, and use humor to make the lectures fun. There’s a lot of places to hang out here on your free time and the school overall is big and beautiful.

  • Jen John 315 days ago

    John Jay College offers excellent professors and challenging courses; it's a matter of seeking the best resources and opportunities as a student. I am a sophomore in the honors & interdisciplinary studies programs and both are excellent departments with extremely caring and challenging faculty. Of course, you need to be sure you're finding the right professors, internships, and classes. There are several bad ones here too, just like at any institution. This is a great bargain for anyone looking for good education at a CUNY price, only if you're hardworking and proactive. Faculty and staff won't care if you don't!

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