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524 W 59th St New York, NY, 10019
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  • ZHUANG Guo 7 days ago

    ARCHITECT Mustafa Abadan, Skidmore Owings & Merrill (SOM) LOCATION New York City, New York, United States GPS Latitude(40.77109909057617), Longitude(-73.99030303955078) DATE 2011 STYLE Modern - High Tech TYPE Educational - University ALIAS The Cube

  • Ivana Floyde 14 days ago

    It's like a giant coral reef with all types of fish very cool place to meet different types people.

  • Ginger Grant 30 days ago

    After receiving my associates degree in computer information systems I decided to apply to John jay to get my BS in forensics and cybersecurity. I went during the time for direct admissions where you can personally go to the school and apply. It has been a run around from the start, which I feel is very unnecessary. On the first day I went I brought my high school transcript and my college transcript from the school I graduated from and was told to come back with the transcript for a school I went to for a semester before my graduating school. Which was understandable but when I brought that transcript I was told they can't do anything because the person that started processing me was not there. Which I thought was foolishness because there should be someone there to handle that persons work in case she can't make it for a while. But I said no problem and ask for the card to call the processor tomorrow when she comes in and I was assured that my transcript will be put in her mailbox. Tomorrow came and I called the processor, she did not know about the situation and I had to wait until the person I gave my transcript to came back from lunch, after 30 minutes I called back again and was told that the person who I had given my transcript to had said she never got my transcript. I was alittle irritated but I explained that I went in there personally yesterday and gave it to her in her hand. After waiting another 20 minutes she comes back on the the phone and says oh yes we have it here. Then goes on to tell me that I have to still fill out an application and I need to come in. I don't live in the city and for me to come I have to drive and pay for toll and parking and this is just inconvenient for me. Why was I not told when I went in there several times to fill out this form so when my transcript came everything will be completed. Very very disappointed and I'm not sure I would like to go to this school anymore because of its disorganization and how unprofessional it is.

  • Jade B 109 days ago

    This is the WORST college in all of NY. I went here for a semester and paud my tuition by loan. John Jay refused to accept it even though it was processed and sent through 3 weeks before the due date. They rejected my loan for no reason. Now, almost 4 years later they finally sent a bill with an additional $690 fee for their delay. In the 4 years, they put holds and blocks on my CUNY accounts and refused to send me any bills. I reached out to them multiple times 3 years ago and they never responded to me and they never sent any bills. John Jay is the worst! Their classes are a waste of time and the people who work in the bursars and other financial departments clearly have no common sense. Don't go to this awful college unless you want to get robbed.

  • Jamie smith 112 days ago

    The professors are awesome. All experts in their respective fields and they have so much knowledge to share. The campus has an abundance of resources and the staff are very helpful. One of the best colleges in NYC.

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