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John Jay College of Criminal Justice

New York, NY
524 W 59th St New York, NY, 10019
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  • Trevor j 19 days ago

    The New Buildings are so relaxing and refreshing. The work here is easy and very manageable compared to some other schools so you can definitely manage going here full time and working a full time job also

  • Dain Murdock 42 days ago

    John Jay is a great College and I have never had a bad experience with any professors. All these negative comments about John Jay are all from lazy students who do not know what they want out of life. John Jay facility and staffs provide all the necessary resources for students florist and graduate with a degree.

  • Angela Stillwaggon 107 days ago

    I was so excited when I was accepted into this school but it was all downhill from there. A close family member of mine had cancer so at the very end of the semester, my I couldn't focus and my grades suffered. No one was understanding about what I was going through and I failed every class. Also, at some point because of what I was going through, I reached out to a therapist at the school. She flat out told me that she thought I was lying! I should've reported her but was too busy dealing with the fact someone close to me was going to die. There were also some very ignorant students I came across who said racist comments. I'll never go back here.

  • Vanessa Guevara 130 days ago

    I really did like this college when I was attending it, but they really have to do better with who they hire as professors or instructors (TA's) because there were several times where I took a course & I was basically teaching myself or I wasn't learning what the actual course was suppose to be about. I had professors who would teach stuff that had nothing to do with what the course should have been about or they weren't teaching much at all. But, instead talk about their personal life experiences.

  • Asia Johnson 146 days ago

    I love John Jay College! Any college experience is what you make it. If you look for opportunities you will find it at John Jay College because the resources are plentiful; it’s all about how actively you pursue these opportunities, along with skillfully trying to achieve them. Staff are generally easy to seek help from, and usually are down to earth. My only complaints would be there needs to be less adjunct professors and less of a commuter feeling. The commuter feeling of John Jay is inevitable, however, because it doesn’t provide dorms besides the New Yorker, which is overpriced and not near campus. If these two things were fixed the college is golden. I would say John Jay has to be one of the best CUNY schools offered because of the many resources and high-quality education.

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