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4670 Salisbury Rd Jacksonville, FL, 32256
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  • Brittney Pena 2 days ago

    Not a bad hotel but no fridge or microwave, had a fridge brought to the room but only because it happened to be available at the time. Bed wasn't as comfy as others I've stayed in. Front desk people are very friendly and accommodating and TV has Netflix and Hulu access. Also rooms don't come with wifi unless you either purchase a room that has it or you pay $13 a night for it

  • William Gaines 23 days ago

    Everyone was very friendly, but never got the towels I ask for twice. After 3 days new towels would've been great.

  • LAWRENCE ELMORE 29 days ago

    If anyone is looking for a great deal on hotels you can check it out on HotelRaven. com Booked this hotel on there and they had the cheapest rates around... I was there for a wedding reception. Open bar all night. Decorations and catering were great. Most of the hospitality staff was amazing. My only complaint was that the drinks I ordered were severely under poured. I thought that was just how she was so I had 3 in a short time. Before ordering my third the drink she made ahead of mine easily had 2-3times the pour of same alcohol. When she made mine she criticized me for the frequency and proceeded to under pour again. A friend tried to get one for me and the bartender asked if it was for me and made the drink even weaker. Her drink was normal. In 4 drinks I probably had about 2.5 servings of alcohol. The single drink I witnessed before had that much alone. As much as I wanted to tip for the staff to split, she saved me $20+ with her actions.

  • Mina RAHMAN 123 days ago

    Awesome..ill most definitely return. Super Friendly very very nice staff from the cooks to the nice ladies at the front desk ,housekeeping on point.on call.. All my needs were fullfilled❤😄😀😀very happy camper

  • Sherri B. 145 days ago

    I booked my stay for a conference.I was very comfortable.Accomadations were 5 star until my nap to ease a headache mid day Friday.My suite was at the end of the hall by the employee area.The door was constantly being slammed so hard the headboard would shake. And there was so much loud talking....ugh!I was offered to be moved but why??Just tell them to hold it down!!!I ended up at the foot of the bed.It was a little more peace there smh

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