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Raleigh, NC

(919) 828-7501

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1012 Oberlin Rd Raleigh, NC, 27605
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  • Michele Pacay 61 days ago

    I have called 3 times today for help. I need emergency shelter from being abused. No one has returned my calls. Each time I know that I have given my correct phone number. Yet the answering service states that someone has tried to call me. Funny how no one else has a problem getting in touch with me.

  • MT Rupert 99 days ago

    These wackos visited my daughters school today and taught her that it was bad that we dressed her in pink when she was a baby. They are activists, not educators.

  • Lynn Williams 105 days ago

    I was abuse beginning 19 in for the next 34 years No one and Wakecounty Johnston County or Pitt county Believed me ! A Mommy in severe dire straits with no one! Then only INTERACT listened, cared and gave me hope. Later on and several more mental and physical nightmares ~ We began the Rosebuds downtown and helped each other with their help..Sp they kept my light on I kept my nose to the grind stone and step by step ~ survived. Now still know good and well I was in Stockholm syndrome and didn’t even know it and they were there for me the beginning and I bet if you look closely they will rescue you for life and the cycle goes away damage done to all who love

  • Ellie Burke 113 days ago

    They took me in after several calls. Decent for a shelter. They push finding work and housing, after ur allotted time, if you havnt found housing, ur back to the abusive or abusers place. U cant, nor have time to greive, it's fairly renovated, clean, but u own ur own mess here, light council in from adminstrators, very light. Ask the right questions, must work hard to land other resources to survive if u don't cave in and go back to an abusive situation or even more homeless. U got nine weeks. Don't greive but a couple of of days and get to work quick, many resources r full, so look into getting a room if u can save. The shelter itself is fine. It's up to u to work fast and find housing. A few adminstrators ignore some stuff, others care, but seems to make appointment with them is hard. These social workers are being paid by a large network of rich and elite folks "trying to look good from the outside", huge tax write off I suspect. But, I slept comfortable and mostly us, the victims, consoled each other. Not bad, but u got 9 weeks, get moving fast.

  • Anid Yawnoc 151 days ago

    This place is a joke! They offer no in house counseling they offer no real education as far as how to stop the cycle of domestic violence the women eat and lounge all day long they can really careless about the ones who really suffer from abuse I came in begging for help! They barely signed me up for outside therapy then they have no activity to keep the women from naturally acting out in ptsd. They have no tolerance for any type of arguments yet they take sides an refuse to view cameras they have stalking our every movements. They listen to the women lies not only was I having a hard time with coping with my past experiences and recent abuse that led me there but I went and got a job and was working this job! My personal space was not respected nor were my requests to be left alone by the nit picking women in this shelter what's worse? Is I was thrown out of this shelter a day before Christmas they didn't even ask my side just assumed I must be the aggressor even though I've written two grievances explaining the conflict I was facing and pleads for peace! I feel I was singled out and shamed for not responding to the women inside the shelter. This is one of the worst days of my life I had to beg for assistance with a ticket back home ( well not home cause my abuser is there) but with family. I am not from North Carolina. After I wrote my last grievance I was told the person I was reporting would be told to leave me alone I was given no warning or any reprimands before being kicked out! I was just asked to leave with a dislocated shoulder aching body and broken spirit! I wish I was lying but I am being so truth full the only thing I fear is retaliation for this review seeing I still need help getting back home sigh. My name is Deneka. I almost gave up today! I almost let go! Just I'm so driven to rise! Phylis told me to my face that I was lying do you know how low I felt. Then they made me sit in the lobby as the women saw me depleted. Even the same girl who clamed I was aggressive towards her was allowed to walk past me ( in my opinion her way of laughing at me) no one deserves the way I was treated! No one especially if they have cameras watching every thing the incident that got me kicked out was all caught on camera. Yet no one veiwed it. Because I was told I'm lying. Smh

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