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Instituto Cervantes New York

New York, NY

(212) 308-7720

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211 E 49th St New York, NY, 10017
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  • Olga Tymshan 97 days ago

    Located in a historic building Instituto Cervantes offers a great variety of classes, including super intensive summer courses that are very handy if you have two weeks of time and ready to dedicated to Español )

  • pulazka pulazka 170 days ago

    I attended a wine tasting here under the direction of Helio San Miguel. As part of the sampling I received two wines that had clearly spoiled. These classes are expensive, so I would have liked to receive wine that would actually be palatable to sample, and not something any sane person would throw away. He managed to spout off uninvited political discussion which included his self described Spanish "right wing" policies and beliefs. He also managed to declare the food of an entire ethnicity and I quote "disgusting, and worthless". I would have expected more tolerant discussion and lighter discussion during a class.

  • James Reinl 339 days ago

    I had difficulty at first getting a class of the right level and the admin staff were not particularly helpful. Now I'm in the right class, things are much better. The facilities are great. The teachers at IC in NYC are well above average. Thanks guys!

  • Moataz Majed 581 days ago

    When I was in Syria there was a Cervantes Institute there I learned Spanish for 3 months it was the best 3 months of my life I wish you open branch in in Ottawa, Ontario. Canada I really miss old days

  • Margarita Clements 913 days ago

    If you are interested in learning Spanish - Instituto Cervantes is your place! Big variety of courses of different levels and interests, courses for kids. Small groups. Certified teachers with extensive experience all native speakers. Teachers are from different latin countries that allows you to learn particularities of local language. Interactive learning tools available. Library allows to rent books and learning materials, as well as DVDs and music. Digital library is available. There is an exhibition gallery and movie showings. It is not a cheap place - but it is worth the price and quality is great. At the end you can pass an official certification Dele that is required if you wish to study in Spain or other Spanish speaking organization. I have started my courses 1,5 years ago - I am now able to read original books and watch movies and TV channels with complicated language without any problem. I can speak more or less free. And this is just in 1,5 years!

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