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Illinois Basketball Academy

Naperville, IL
460 Industrial Dr Naperville, IL, 60563
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  • Gabe 36 days ago

    Gym floor is so slippery. The referees don't make the right calls abd always argue with each other. The systen is messed up and the technical fouls give you 2 free throws which cost us the game. I refuse to go to another game there.

  • Corey Veselik 38 days ago

    Honestly the biggest issue is the customers. They dont follow clearly posted rules and complain like when it says do not touch fans and they turn them off which results in slippery floors. They also dont seem to understand that its an existing building and parking cant be magically added. Complaints about reasonable admission prices ($5 for an adult) which is right in line with any other AAU tournament as most people involved know and decent concessions prices. A lot of people seem to not understand how this works or that its their OWN TEAM OWNERS who CHOSE to play at the facility which means if they dont want to play here thats on THEIR TEAM and that some tournaments are rented out which means they may charge more for admissions and the facility is not to blame for scheduling issues. I know for a fact its improved in the last 3 or so years. The floors are updated and the workers try to be friendly and accommodating and are responsive when asked a question.

  • Charla Jordan 39 days ago

    NO AIR! fillthy bathrooms, poor parking. Seating for spectators is limited. Very hot and damp in summer months. The Moisture build-up in the warehouse on SLIPPERY CONCRETE PAINTED COURTS. $10 charge to get in. DONT LET YOUR KIDS PLAY HERE. Multiple kids left with injuries from slipping on the floor and 1 kid left in Ambulance with a head injury from slipping on the floor.

  • William Watson 80 days ago

    Dirty. Charges family entrance fee to watch kids play in league were already paying for?

  • Ethan Jones 425 days ago

    The courts are decent, but the stands for the fans anf teams are literally on the the court boundaries. The first impression was the garbage can/lost and found boxes at the entrance. The public bathrooms are really disgusting, the food is overpriced and they put a dot on the back of your hand for re-entry rather than using a stamp or wristband. Very impressive.

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