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621 West 46th Street New York, NY, 10036
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  • Cindy B. 4 days ago

    Went there for a Ciroc-a-thon day party. My friends and I Paid $95 for entrance fee for all 2 floors and All you can drink "ciroc" drinks until supplies last. Firstly, we got there the second floor was open for bottle service only at this time. Secondly we only got one drink each, then we were told by the bartender that all the "free" ciroc is done and we have to pay. Each drink was $16 dollars and a beer was $8. So basically we paid $95 + and additional $16 per drink. What a frigging RIP Off! DO NOT GO THERE!!!!!! Take your money and run.

  • Toya B 9 days ago

    To leave a review or not to? Answer I must..... I waited on line for about 30 min, dispite having a free entry pass. When I finally arrive inside another line awaits, the staff informs my friend and I that we need to pay 20 bucks for a red tickets , My face says what?...... Now its gets fun, I'm given an attitude by the staff for asking them about the validity of my pass. Taking thid in strides I go out in an attempt to get the red tickets that apparently should have been handed to me by the guy in the front. Im faced with more attitude coupled with complete disregard for the pass I have, what makes it worse? I see him sliding another girl red tickets.. dare I say tacky, now I'm trying to figure out why my reservation is not valid and requires a payment...... lets take it a step beyond my dismay... the bouncers are now telling my friend and I that we have to get out of the way; "step onto the sidewalk" he repeats .. we step onto the side walk and he is now telling us we cannot stay on the side walk my response little prick", in my head of course because I'm naturally non confrontational. long story short maybe it's worth it for some, but with an opening reception like that I am never going back shady and offensive place discriminatory as well. Final words take life in strides and create your own opinions.

  • Rick Stansfield 42 days ago

    Went here for NYE 2016 & the venue = great, the music = great, the rooms = great. The blonde female bartender ruined the night for our group of 6 people. She was rude, obnoxious, terrible at service & completely unprofessional. The other staff were nice & I watched her serve a number of other patrons with the same disgusting attitude. I honestly want my money back for the night. I would stay clear if you are planning a night of drinking.

  • Jeff Keltz 48 days ago

    Venue has a nice view. Not the most lavish or upscale looking, though it tries to be. Sound system is nice though.

  • Natalia Miranda 53 days ago

    Went there for Halloween it was awful.. the speakers on the top room were blasting couldn't even hear the music properly. There was a performer there where she couldn't even sing of how bad the system was. Overly crowded and absolutely crazy expensive the drinks specially shots. (4 shots=$80). Very dirty and old building and terrible stairs. They call themselves a rooftop but it's a third floor building.

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