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Hudson Terrace

New York, NY

(212) 315-9400

Closed now
621 West 46th Street New York, NY, 10036
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  • Darius Freeman 7 days ago

    It will say free online but when you get there they still want you to pay $20. They’ll make you stand outside until the free time frame is up. The music is ok but the quality isn’t consistent all night. Super crowded, the staff always seems to need to pass by you by touching you. It’s not in the best neighborhood and there is no transportation nearby so be prepared to call a cab or walk back to 42nd. NYC definitely has better to offer.

  • Juan Gonzalez 18 days ago

    Not the nicest of places but had a great vibe and good music. Good for happy hour!

  • Marielle M 65 days ago

    This place is just pathetic. We reserved a table for bottle service weeks in advance for a bachelorette party. At 4pm on the day OF the event, they EMAILED the maid of honor who had coordinated this event saying that they are taking another reservation and we cannot go in until midnight. Once we got in, the waitress directed us to our table which was not on the rooftop which we requested and paid in full for. As far as customer service, there wasn't any. The only other times the waitress came up to us was when she told us to "scoot over" to another table, which we did. She later came over and told us to move downstairs. She gave the bride to be an attitude after she told her we will not be moving to a lower level. This is because they overcrowd the place WAY beyond legal capacity. This was a huge disappointment to the bridal party. We did not pay the outrageous price of bottle service to accommodate the staff. I wish there was on option to give negative stars, as one star is way too generous.

  • Tatianna Mott 87 days ago

    Hudson Terrace is a great space for parties especially in the Spring and Fall when the weather is nice and the roof can be fully retracted. The venue isn't that big so the more popular parties tend to be overcrowded and the bar sometimes struggles to keep up. However, the decor is nice, and the seats (if you're able to get one) are comfy.

  • Alison Hemans 92 days ago

    Very spacious, I went for the day party and stayed for the night party. Depending on dj music may be good or too much of one type of music. They open the see through ceiling sometimes for some natural air and more sun. We had to exit the club and return for the night party causing some guys to pay again. Overall it was nice and I had a good time.

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