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Hudson Institute

Washington, DC

(202) 974-2400

Closed now
1201 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington, DC, 20004
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  • Nrupesh Gajjar 5 days ago

    Great to visit and learn

  • Terry Lovell 198 days ago

    representative on PBS this evening has a total lack of comprehension of what tRUMP is conducting in the USA/world

  • Samuel Miranda 248 days ago

    I learn something every time I go there.

  • Dionysus Liber 266 days ago

    Cannot beat the caving here. Not only is the moral failure deep and inexcusable, it is in the public eye. If you want to learn how to prostrate yourself before the Chinese cyber army, there are few better places in the country (SONY pictures does come to mind, however) to learn how. Love it!

  • Andrew Stergiou 440 days ago

    The Hudson Institute a clever clan of nitwits? ONE STAR ONLY Greater Germany Greater What? If Nixon can say the greatest US politicians were the anti-corporate Teddy Roosevelt, the "socialist" FDR, and LBJ then forever I can rip and tear at the fabric of the US corporatist intelligence community. For the American political status quo (eg Republican and Democratic Parties) represent nothing more than one of the greatest hypocrisies of history and though verbally I can can minor errors that is faultless compared to the intentional revisionism & distortions of those like Radosh and David Horowitz: For in hating all that which is called America we do not "Hate America" but the hypocrisy it has can to be known though we might no know where in hell it is going nor how they prostitute themselves in what they call intelligence and in what one can say they hope you got your Washington Cootie Shots where I find it difficult to express my disappointment.

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