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Houston Technology Center

Houston, TX

(713) 658-1750

Closed now
410 Pierce St Houston, TX, 77002
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  • Max Pain 62 days ago

    Smells fishy to me but awesome setup. There are so many options to choose from in houston when it comes to a startup space! HTC is great and has lots of good people involved. BEWARE- HTC does however choose who gets in and doesn't which is where they are different. This could be good or bad. Would you like for someone to choose who surrounds you or allow the universe to set it's course as Steve Jobs would say. Either way not a bad place just a very very cooperate vibe which is usually frowned upon in the startup community. Who cares if you a wearing that cheap black suit that doesn't even fit you. If we search your name on Google and it doesn't come up that means you are not important enough to give anybody real advice. All these startup places are hit or miss. Good luck to all the startups out there!

  • Melvin Menezes 160 days ago

    HTC has been renamed to Houston Exponential and is one of the premier technology incubators for startups in the Houston area

  • Ang 202 days ago

    HTC / Houston Exponential has a warm and inviting staff, great way to get in Houston business community!

  • Michael Moran 339 days ago

    Nice facility with many conference rooms for small teams to work. Visited for the Houston Hackathon this year.

  • Don Quach 457 days ago

    Great place for learning and networking. Went here to improve my understanding of blockchains and cryptocurrency.

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