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House of Yes

Brooklyn, NY
2 Wyckoff Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11237
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  • Adam Z 4 days ago

    YASSSSSSS!!! please check out this place. It is by far, one of my favorite clubs in the area. Very good atmosphere, multiple bars and rooms, and super welcoming to all groups! If you have issues with drag, or the LBGTQ community, please do us all a favor and swerve ✌ CANNOT WAIT FOR YOUR RE-OPEN! ❤❤

  • Clesha Nelson 73 days ago

    I was there visiting friends, we decided to check out an event that was being held at house of yes. Not to bad of a place. Liked the set up and stage. It has an open bar. I didn't see an area for food purchase. We got there in time for the catered services. It's surrounded by industrial buildings. Street parking only. We preferred going by uberpool. Enjoyed myself.

  • Ioannis Agadakos 89 days ago

    NYC spirit in a box. This is the place you want to visit to feel the diversity, craziness, party and non discrimination essence of NYC. Put your good, funky, crazy, sparkling clothes and go. Just remember that this place has a strong consent and non discrimination policy. I love it and always have a good time there. Usually there is a ticket ~25$ or more. Usually every Monday they give some tickets free online but they go fast so be fast ;)

  • Krishana Marsh 105 days ago

    Very different, quirky and fun. The music was awesome, the rules are important - no discrimination or judgements and everyone has fun. Its obvious why, loads of unique people having fun here. Did get s drink but they offer water and have a selection on the wall. Cool dancers and you can participate! Would go back!

  • Order Studios 163 days ago

    This place is different. The vibes good but the place is really run down. I don’t think I will be back here. It’s kind of a mad max vibe with everything made from old junk, which is cool in a way. The music was also good. There is a lot of odd people that frequent this place so be prepared.

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