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7945 N Blackstone Ave Fresno, CA, 93720
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  • Joe Hays 16 days ago

    My family and I were traveling through town to see the National Parks on a budget vacation and we accidently broke a lens on my camera. We went into Horn Photo the next day and everyone was eager to help. The employee who helped us, Aaron, was great to work with. He was quick to find and make recommendations towards replacement lenses. He even checked the back room and found the exact lens we needed for a very affordable price. Aaron was incredibly helpful and we were able to create many more memories than we could have otherwise thanks to his expertise and fantastic customer service.

  • Chris Geiger 44 days ago

    I purchase all of my photo gear here. Great guys to work with.

  • Karl Ahlgren 102 days ago

    They really helped us out. We were going to Yosemite, but the camera was giving us spots on the photos. They took care of us right away, cleaning the sensor for us. It seemed like a very nice shop.

  • Pniko 139 days ago

    I will be missing this place greatly. This place is reasons why moving is not always a plus. Up here in WA it seems a good shop is non existent. The guy up here apparently tries to sell cheap stuff to make more money. Horn Photo has very helpful staff and product availability. Spent a lot of money here and showed up often. Their Tamron clinic last year was very helpful during the day stuff. However do not buy into the 2 hour class that was offered unless you want Captain Photo Shop to talk instead the of the Olympic/Media professional photographer. Hopefully next class is better than that one. Also should note most of the staff also have their own side gigs they do photography for which is good since it means they have experience and useful advice.

  • Randy McAtee 236 days ago

    This is my GOTO store for my photography needs. The staff is very knowledgeable and super helpful. I have been buying and shooting a variety of older medium format and 35 mm cameras that I'm not familiar with. The staff at Horn puts in the correct battery for the camera, looks it over and tells me if its working or not. If its working they tell me HOW IT WORKS and then go over film selection and show me how to load the film for the first time. The have a large selection of the most popular photo gear. They also have cameras and lens available for rent. I drop my film off there and have they have it developed withing 24 hours. When its ready i get a text to my phone. And most importantly, they do a great job.

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