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Horn Photo

Fresno, CA

(559) 225-5080

Closed now
7945 N Blackstone Ave Fresno, CA, 93720
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  • MIckey Rodrigo 36 days ago

    We have been here twice. We are amateur photographers. Both times questions about our camera was answered. The service is awesome. We found the necessary add ons to our camera there. Thanks to both Rudy and Rey. We'll be back.

  • Lynn Freeman 51 days ago

    This is the only place I would ever use for my photo processing! Professional and helpful employee's.

  • E Garcia 236 days ago

    Pros: The girls at the front desk have been extremely helpful and friendly each time I go in to pick up photos. Thank you ladies. Cons: The gentlemen, specifically the Asian guy, at the back desk lack basic customer service skills. He clearly knows the products but not all customers do. Sure my question may have been silly to him but don't behave as though I'm interrupting your day. This has been my second encounter with this gentleman and both were unpleasant. If a customer comes to you stumped and frustrated, be sure to take the time to truly figure out what they want — we would rather get competent service than be rushed out the door!

  • Drew Prince 313 days ago

    I am ashamed to admit I made an epic cross country trip with my family, Nikon D80, two batteries and one bar of charge on each...and yes, I left my charger in TN. I did my best to conserve battery power through Yosemite planning for the moment I made it back to Fresno to purchase a charger. Horn was not my destination but appeared in the parking lot after our detour for lunch. I stopped in, found my charger, was told the price of $50 then given the offer to just leave my battery to charge. I had spent so much energy over 5 days making sure I was able to capture our once in a lifetime trip to the area that I was ready to hug the gentleman that made the offer! While a simple gesture, I realize an opportunity for a sale was sacrificed for providing great service. Thank you Horn!! I'm now charged and ready to head out to Sequoia/Kings Canyon!!

  • me yes 334 days ago

    I have been in Horn Photo several times. Each experience was unpleasant. Today I dealt with Ryan, the Camera Department Manager. I came in with the intent of selling a pristine camera lens at a low ball price. I had discussed the sale last week with Aron who also makes purchases of used camera equipment. I had a less than value offer from Aron who stated he would purchase the lens at the offered price if or when I was ready to sell. Today, Aron passed me off to Ryan. Ryan looked at the lens briefly, said he had to look at the price this lens was selling for. 6 minutes later he returned and flatly stated he would not purchase the lens. He said they already had one that wasn't moving. I was looking at a new camera at the time and Ryan proceeded to stand over me as if I was about to steal the piece of equipment. I handed. The equipment back to the attendant, Rudy, who had let me look at the camera. I then went to the customer service desk to inquire about a price list on Metal Photo Prints. The woman to whom I had inquired too a very long time to get the price list. While I waited I returned to the camera department to ask Ryan if I had offended him in some way. He stated he was sorry. I felt his apology was insincere and patronising. Not once did he look me in the eye. I returned to the customer counter to wait for the price list. Once the woman returned, I was the recipient of the Horn Photo Metal Print Disclaimer regarding imperfections in the processing of metal prints and if the prints have processing imperfections, they are the property of the purchaser and are not returnable. Over all, Horn Photo is unprofessional and rude at best and incapable of producing quality prints hence the need for a buyer beware disclaimer. Frankly, it's surprising they have the business they do. Quality Customer service should be not be unreasonable in Fresno.

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