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Hope Artiste Village

Pawtucket, RI

(401) 722-0752

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1005 Main St Pawtucket, RI, 02860
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  • Nikki Powers 67 days ago

    We filmed a wedding here in part of the building. It was in an area between the rows of stores. The entrance that the guests use to that part of the building could be nicer for a wedding, but I don't know how many weddings are actually done here... maybe this is something that they will enhance.

  • Nicholas Smith 81 days ago

    This place is the bee's knees. So many amazing businesses! There's a farmers market every Saturday! Make sure to follow parking regulations though. The coppers totally enforce them. There's Lock and Clue Escape Rooms (amazing), BOOM(Brick Oven on Main) which is an amazing place for pizza and drinks, there's a freaking 1800s style bowling alley upstairs that is so dope! There's a violin repair shop, a place to have stuff done to your eyebrows, tattoo artists, New Harvest Coffee, THE MET (which is my favorite local music vunue. Shout out to the hundreds of places I missed... #dope #localbusiness

  • Edward Smith 87 days ago

    Great marketplace for exotic foods and veggies... also lots of curio items for sale-not all expensive.... go on Saturday for the market :)

  • Marc Guillotte 99 days ago

    Saturday Farmer's Market is such a nice shopping experience. We bought Honey, Cider and Turnips. But they have music and I had perogies and an Belgium Waffle. Just a great time. Also bought a smaller sculpture from this artist.

  • Court Veenis 147 days ago

    I loved it I wish I could stay longer and I wish I was there when everything was open I believe it might have been a Sunday evening I don't really now but it seems like the hours change depending on the events happening and time of year. it was still rather busy and each shop looked so well kept. I absolutely love the Hall of fame display the music display. whoever put that together kudos. It looks like they planned ahead to because of the material they use for information graphics or infographics . I have loads of images and I look forward to uploading them understand that some of the artisans probably change locations and those pictures seem blow might be dated by the time you look at them.nonetheless a gives you an idea of the architecture of the building as well which is super . I knew the moving and shaking and making culture of Rhode Island of a strong but I hadn't witnessed it to this degree since living here. The greeting card shop stands out in my memory Simply because I would love to do that as a career and these individuals were fearless and have gotten it done. Across the way you will see a shop lined with mandolins and other string instruments. it's rad if only I could play 1. They are diligently placed and you can tell polished to perfection.

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