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2301 Highland Ave Los Angeles, CA, 90068
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  • LaShaunda Santos 17 days ago

    Highlight of the summer! My mom and I saw " A Chorus Line" with Mario Lopez, it was a fun show. Perfect summer night and a great crowd! Good Times!

  • tiffany mulrony 54 days ago

    This was truly one of the best experiences of my life. I wish i could relive that night over and over. Every part of the night comes together to create the perfect memory. Will definitely go back and hope to see some of you there!

  • Jack C. 63 days ago

    Consistently the cleanest and safest concert venue in LA. The food lines are ridiculously long, and we always bring our own. $1 to rent seat cushions, which is a great deal. No poor views from tall patrons in front, as the seats are highly elevated from row to row. Shuttle from the local metro stations are convenient and well priced, but avoid sitting in the back as the bathrooms are not air tight and we nearly gagged on the way home recently.

  • Jon Morales 72 days ago

    Best concert venue in Los Angeles! Many shows your allowed to bring your own wine or beer. Just check your ticket cause some shows do not allow you to bring your own alcohol and it will be a royal pain if you do as it will not be allowed in. I've sat in the Box seats which are great to come early and enjoy dinner and drinks in your box before the show. You can pre-order meals to be delivered to your box seats. I have a few more life hacks for the bowl that I won't share here!

  • sally cardinal 78 days ago

    Bought tickets for my daughter and BF (for their birthdays)?to see Nightmare. They got up there early. Parking was a nightmare, no pun intended. They drove around an hour ( almost giving up)before finding a spot and then had to walk over a mile missing half the first half. Is this normal? Has parking always been so bad? What the hell? Good thing it wasn't me attending, I wouldn't have had the patience to look for a parking spot for that long. I won't be attending anything at the Bowl ever if this is normal.

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