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Hogue Chiropractic Center

Edgewood, KY

(859) 341-7746

Closed now

(859) 341-7746

Closed now
174 Barnwood Dr Edgewood, KY, 41017
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  • Mary Kay Radenheimer 69 days ago

    Great experience. Friendly and knowledgeable staff!

  • Tammy McKinney 96 days ago

    They are the best. If it wasn't for Dr. Copper I probably wouldn't have been able to walk.

  • Melissa Chapman 145 days ago

    Dr. Hogue has been assisting our family this year with our natural approach to wellness. He is thorough, did Xrays and explained the how's and why's of the anatamony, issues, and resolution. He was so incredible with explaining everything and adjusting gently that my daughter requests him and him only now! Very personable guy and the office staff are incredible as well.

  • Current CPHC Secretary 293 days ago

    Dr. Houge and his Staff are amazing. I am sadly no longer able to go to him, since I have moved to Florida. He actually cares about him patients and helped me greatly. Also, if you have insurance, it may pay for a free massage! I was able to get one several times each week.

  • Stephenie Deakins 293 days ago

    I have had back issues most my life (I am only 32) along with lower back surgery in 2012 and a few weeks ago I had fallen with my 4 yr old son and screwed some things up again! Dr. Hogue was able to get me in right away and was also able to get me in for an MRI immediately after he saw me! Him and his team were in contact with my Dr.'s and I am currently having radio frequency ablation treatments done! I can't thank Dr. Hogue and his staff enough for everything they have done! Thank you all!

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