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200 Ocean Crest Dr Palm Coast, FL, 32137
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  • Michael Naegele 1 day ago

    Beutiful place, relaxing atmosphere, condos are gorgeous the pools make you feel like your lost in paradise. Also, drinks by the pool.

  • Erica Lomberk 10 days ago

    Very attentive and good natured. Dinner was a much better experience, for both and service reasons, than lunch, but neither was subpar.

  • Cory Alexander 28 days ago

    This place is awesome! Sauna and a steam one day, drinks by the pool and golf the next! The restaurants they have are really nice and the food was fantastic! We stayed in the villas by the golf course and totally will be coming back!

  • Jason Rich 175 days ago

    The room was very nice with a good view. The food is excellent especially at the Atlantic Grill. But there is something lacking with the service and general courtesy. Specifically we had to checkout before golf which okay that does happen but then there was no where to shower after golf except this purely kept dingy shower stall way out of the way with no towels and one bottle of coconut shampoo without a working pump. Overall a nice place and kids friendly but minimal available amenities unless you're a full member.

  • Marshall Ebright 205 days ago

    We go at least once per year for the past few years. The property has gone downhill year over year. The lazy river was more of a pond than a river. Pool tiles missing. Our unit was in need of paint. Also this year they implemented a policy of towel cards.. You trade a card for a towel and you give the towel back they give you the card back. Kind of a pain.. If you don't get the card back they charge $25 for the towel. The property is still nice, just seems like they should reinvest some of the profit back into renovations, it is definitely showing some age.

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