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Gruhl Health Solutions

Denver, CO
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4785 Tejon St Denver, CO, 80211
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  • Sandra Klatt 1203 days ago

    I was diagnosed with a chronic arthritis condition and followed doctor's advice for a year. After having my blood pressure go up and up, I decided that this method of treatment was not the way. And then a friend recommended Dr. Gruhl. Dr. Gruhl began treating me and also recommended a nutrition plan that has changed my life. I feel better and my body reacts better. A big thank you to Dr. Gruhl and his staff.

  • Tiffany Brown 1210 days ago

    After being told to take a $300/mo diet pill form my primary care doctor, I attended Dr. Gruhl's Thyroid Seminar. I recognized that even though my bloodwork came back "within" range and that I should continue on the same synthetic for over 20 years, I still had a whole list of symptoms that have never been addressed. Dr. Gruhl gave me a plan and is giving me ongoing guidance to not feel this way anymore. Even my primary care doctor is impressed by my progress. I understand what Dr. Gruhl is recommending to me and the reasons why. I truly appreciate all that he has done for me and I look forward to my health and my future...thank you Dr. Gruhl for listening and helping me!

  • machelleR1 1217 days ago

    I have been lucky enough to have found an amazing chiropractor and health advisor in this great city of Denver! Both Dr Gruhl and his staff are all professional and accommodating. The team is kind and knowledgeable and have all been very willing to go the extra mile to make each visit a relaxing one. Each time I have been in this office the visit has been productive and I left feeling better than when I entered the doors. Dr Gruhl's chiropractic services are top notch and his advice is always spot on. He asked if I was willing to do my part in taking care of my body and got right to point with the changes that I needed to make in order to do so. It is a very collaborative effort and he listens to his patients input. Thanks to Dr Gruhl for your continued effort to learn and grow with your patients. And thanks to the entire staff for all you do.

  • Amanda Peña 1222 days ago

    Exactly one year ago today Dr. Gruhl recommended a nutrition program for me that has changed my life. I had just had my women's yearly checkup and was told I was obese and needed to lose weight in order to one day have children and experience a healthy pregnancy. Dr. Gruhl gave me the specific plan and the support that I needed to conquer it. It is now a part of my daily life and I love it! I no longer experience acid reflux, numbness in my hands and feet, anxiety, severe depression, hair loss, fatigue, nausea and bloating when I eat.... The list goes on and on. Did I mention I've lost 40 pounds? This program has changed my life in ways I can't describe. I know as a young woman that my future is bright because of the changes Dr. Gruhl helped me make! Thank you, Dr. G!

  • Christy Still 1251 days ago

    I didn't know what I didn't know until I met Dr. Gruhl. I didn't understand why I didn't feel great, after all, I worked out regularly, avoided junk food and have been a vegetarian for 20 years. Feeling sluggish, tired and headachy everyday had become my new baseline. I am not even aware of when it happened. Recently, Dr. Gruhl began coaching me on nutrition and functional medicine. He taught me about to nourish my body through eating real, whole, organic, non-GMO foods. I also participated in a cellular detox cleansing program. For the first time in years, I feel younger than I am. I have increased energy, no more headaches, no more allergies. I sleep well through the night. And my skin looks great! I am very happy to say that feeling happy, strong, empowered and energetic is my new baseline. And I am grateful.

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