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Greene Street Club

Greensboro, NC
113 N Greene St Greensboro, NC, 27401
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  • Jeff Cagle 54 days ago

    Do not waste your time and money at Greene Street. I've attended many shows over the years, and every time I end up feeling disappointed at the end of the night. For starters, the show times never start at the time that is printed on the website or on the tickets. The last show I went to said that the show was at 5:30 and it did not start until 6:30. Secondly, the employees are extremely rude. Even the owner is rude. One show I went to, he yanked this kid up off the floor who had passed out from dehydration. Then proceeded to fuss him out for lying on the floor. They never cater to the bands well and never give them decent space to set up merchandise, (which is the way the bands make a lot of their funds to continue touring). They charge a ridiculous underage fee, which does not affect me, but for other people it's not fair that they have to pay $5 to get in to a show that they already paid a ticket fee and price. They, also, charge a $5 re-entry fee which makes no sense to me since they marked you with a Sharpie or put a bracelet on you to recognize that you have entered the building already. All in all, this venue is horrible. Do not waste your money here. It is filled with a bunch of money-hungry manipulators for employees. I DO NOT recommend this place at all.

  • Gunnar Bron 229 days ago

    very clean

  • Monica F 318 days ago

    it really depends on who you are going to see... for the most part, I love shows here

  • D'Juana Fitzpatrick 360 days ago

    I designed some flyers for this club and they never paid for them. Instead they posted the flyers anyway with "sample" of it to promote their events. When asked to pay, the reply was that the GM didn't have time. Warning to anyone trying to do business here.... STAY AWAY

  • Alexa Cavas 444 days ago

    They charge $2 for tap water and $5 to keep my jacket behind the bar. I nearly passed out from dehydration and they still wouldn't even give me a cup of water. Thank god for that badass girl I met who stole a cup for me. Hate this venue.

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